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Associate Professor of Physiology Department of Basic Medical Sciences, COMP studies the synaptic and hormonal determinants underlying the hypothalamic control of energy balance. Photos are in part for the Western Diabetes Institute
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Research Interests & Working Groups

Research Interest Groups bring like-minded researchers together to compare notes, share knowledge and ideas, encourage each other, and seek funding opportunities in order to conduct innovative health care research that results in enhancing quality of life.

Gait analysis with College of Health Sciences physical therapy students led by associate chair Dr. Jeffrey Fairley. Also on hand are Chair Harsha Deoghare and College of Podiatric Medicine Dr. Reina Deogracias.

Research Areas

Clinical and Translational Science
Andrological and Pedagogical practices
Neuromotor and sensory performance
Applied nutrition and metabolism
Aging and frailty
Biomechanics & Sports Science
Heath Services
Public Health
Lifestyle Medicine
Mental Health
Wearable technology
Ultrasound Imaging
Human performance
  • Research Labs
    • Schilling Lab
    • Homer Lab
    • Matacotta Lab
    • Raisanen Lab
    • Lairmore Lab
    • Perry Lab
    • Wilder Lab
    • Licero Campbell Lab
    • Evans-Grayson Lab
    • Bravo Lab
    • Bianco Lab
    • Keller-Johnson Lab
    • Guizado Lab
    • Galarza- Adams Lab
    • Konecne Lab
    • Granado Lab
    • Deoghare Lab