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The Art of Bovine Auscultation

What is it?

The Art of Bovine Auscultation is a multi-media program that teaches you how to interpret cardiac, respiratory and gastrointestinal sounds in cattle.

How do I access the programs?

Online access (VetMed Students Only)

Requirements: Use a computer with the Citrix client installed (recommended). If not installed, you will be prompted to install after you login.


  1. Go to Citrix Gateway Log-In
  2. Log in with your WesternU username (without and password
  3. If prompted, install the required Citrix receiver. The apps will not run without it.
  4. From the top, select Apps
  5. Select the app: Bovine_Auscultation. This will download the app.
  6. If you receive a CD error message that says to enter a password, close the window.

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