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HEC, Pomona Campus

COMP (CA): Student, Faculty & Alumni Spotlight

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific


Tony Eskandar, DO2027 Student DO of the Month

A man with shoulder-length curly hair and a beard is wearing a black suit, white shirt, and dark tie. He is standing against a plain light gray background and is smiling slightly at the camera. “Tony is always willing to help me out no matter what the situation is. Whether I need help identifying structures in anatomy, need help clarifying a topic, or just want tor Ali about life, Tony is a steady presence for not only myself but also for many others on campus. Tony is kind, caring, supportive, and overall just a great person. We are all so lucky to have him!”

“Tony is always very friendly during interactions and willing to go above and beyond to help his peers. Multiple times throughout the year he has helped me learn anatomy by identifying and confirming structures in the lab. Tony embodies the passion a DO should have for learning and helping those around him.”

“Tony has been one of the most thoughtful students I’ve had the pleasure of studying with this year. Always reaching a helping hand to our classmates in the anatomy lab, watching him explain difficult structures and pathways to them in simpler ways. I don’t know anybody in our cohort who deserves this award more.”

“I am nominating Tony Eskandar for Student DO of the Month. Tony is always willing to help others, whether it’s in anatomy lab or for didactic, even for people he’s never even met. He also always makes a list of important dissection guide terms for anatomy lab that he shares with the class. In addition, he makes practice questions for every block that he also shares with the entire class. Tony also made an excel sheet with all the pharmacology drugs we learned this block (again, shared with the whole class). Without it, it would have taken me much longer to learn those medications. During one of our anatomy lab review sessions, he spent the entire time teaching and explaining anatomical structures, which absolutely helped me prepare for the final. Without a doubt, I believe that Tony is an exemplary individual of what it means to be Student DO of the month.”
“Throughout the year Tony has been incredibly helpful for me especially in anatomy lab. Whenever I have questions regarding anatomy questions he is always open to answer my questions and will take time out of the busy medical school schedule to help. I also see him frequently helping other students with the same thing and think that he is very well deserving of Student D.O. of the month.”
“Tony is a very supportive classmate and dedicated student. He frequently goes out of his way to help students in anatomy lab with insights into how to study and approach anatomical concepts. Furthermore he creates and shares many of his own study resources offering his creativity and guidance on understanding core concepts. Above all Tonye is very encouraging, kind, and a valued member of our 2027 class.”
“Tony goes above and beyond to help his classmates prepare for upcoming exams and expects nothing in return. He is open to classmates reaching out to him during open anatomy hours and via text. He also creates practice questions which he shares for every block. His assistance stands out to me because he is adamant about teaching concepts, opposed to simply sharing answers. Overall, Tony is an encouraging and calming leader of our class.”
“He helped me recover from LIS and he a G.”
“I want to nominate Tony because he’s such a kind and caring classmate who always goes out of his way to help others. Throughout the year, he has been sharing resources that he makes himself, which help a lot in understanding the material. He’s also always ready to help in anatomy lab and answers any questions that we have. He really cares about the success of others and is a great classmate!””Tony is an amazing student. He is incredibly hard-working and always willing to share his knowledge! Not only does he provide our class with amazing study guides each block, but he is also a fun student to study with and has taught me and many of my classmates so much Anatomy throughout OMSI. His Anatomy study guides have saved so many of us. He is also very generous with his time. I have no doubt he will become an amazing Surgeon!”
“Tony as a peer and a friend has always been there for me and those around him. Even though classes have been tough at time in anatomy for example, he always takes the time to teach me tips and tricks regardless of his busy schedule. With his practice questions and summary documents that he sends to the whole class, he overall makes it easier to get through confusing topics. Above all, Tony’s constant smile and uplifting presence is what I believe will make him a great future physician.”
“Tony has been extremely helpful in the anatomy lab since school first began, he is always willing to come in during his free time and go through the lab manuals and associated terminology. He has made a big difference on my learning during year 1 and I believe he deserves this level of recognition as a result.”
“If I had to describe Tony in one sentence, it would be “always willing to help”. He is very intentional with his efforts to help everyone around him regardless of how busy he may be. The best example I can give of Tony’s unselfishness is the helpful tutoring he gives to others in the anatomy lab, by the end of the year even being called “Tony from Anatomy”. To me, Tony is a genuine friend to all and can say without a doubt is a valuable resource to every OMS1 that needs a helping hand. Aside from in the classroom, Tony is a great friend and I’ve personally seen him lending a listening ear to others going through the difficult ups and downs of life as a first year medical student.”
“Tony was extremely helpful in providing resources and assisting many students for their anatomy practicals, especially this block. He always brings a great attitude to class and is willing to help other students whenever they reach out. His custom practice questions and resources were also beneficial to our class’s studying efforts! Tony definitely deserves to be SDOM.”
“Tony Eskandar is the kind of student who will go out of his way to help anyone who may be struggling. There have been numerous times in anatomy where he has been so instrumental to me understanding the material. Without him I may not even have passed. He is always surrounded by people in anatomy lab, quizzing us to make sure that we understand the material. In addition to this, he regularly makes practice questions and other resources that he shares with everyone in the discord. Not only is he an excellent student and teacher but he is also passionate about important social issues outside of the classroom too. Tony is also super friendly and is always willing to be a support system to anyone. I highly recommend him for student doctor of the month.”
“Tony is so helpful both inside of anatomy lab and with didactic content. He takes the time to teach me and so many others how to identify different anatomy parts and makes it so much easier to understand. The extra hours he spends to help people throughout the year deserves to be recognized. He additionally shares a good number of practice questions which are super helpful.”
“Tony is a great friend and classmate who always strives to ensure everyone feels included. We can always count on him to help teach us in anatomy lab (where we call him Professor Tony) and he creates awesome study resources that he generously shares on our class discord. His antimicrobials chart was a literal life-saver for the FOM4 final. Overall, 10/10 cannot think of a better person to be student doctor of the month!”


Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Pumerantz, DO, MPH

A man wearing a black short-sleeve shirt, light-colored pants, and a white hat, standing on a paved path in a park-like setting with trees and other people walking in the background. As Professor of Population Health Science, Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease, Dr. Pumerantz has reached across disciplines and institutions to meld the fields of osteopathic medicine and public health for COMP and COMP-NW students. In 2021, he and his faculty colleagues from the public health program in the School of Community and Global Health at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) launched a uniquely designed DO/MPH Dual Enrollment Program that embodies population health science thinking. Professor Pumerantz designed the new dual enrollment program so that students could concurrently enroll in online MPH courses at CGU upon entering COMP and COMP-NW and then be able to complete both degrees in four years without the need to delay their timeline to residency. The dual enrollment program has enrolled more than 50 students since its inception and is forming its fourth cohort for this summer and fall. Dual enrollment students may choose to concentrate their MPH in either Health Promotion, Education, and Evaluation; Leadership and Management; or Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology. The first four DO/MPH graduates in 2024 are heading to their top-choices at university-based residency programs in such diverse specialties as pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, and family medicine. Pumerantz believes that concurrently studying osteopathic medicine and public health leverages vital trans-institutional connections and networks and promotes the synthesis of transdisciplinary learning that is essential for 21st century physicians. His vision for the DO/MPH dual enrollment program is to forge the next generation of population health scientists to become leaders and changemakers dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations.

Two photos of a man and woman posing for a photo.

Alumni Spotlight: Niloofar Khatibi, DO & Chris Arnold, DO ’01

In honor of the month of love, we are featuring one of our many alumni couples who met and fell in love at COMP!
“After 24 years of marriage that was filled with raising 2 beautiful children and practicing family medicine, we often reminisce over our time spent at Western University of Health Sciences. We met at the romantic anatomy lab and grew to love one another while studying in the library – also, so very romantic! This beautiful relationship led us to our big day in June 2000 as we both completed our 3rd year of medical school.

The journey that we take in life is not meant to be easy or comforting at all times. The challenges that we encountered at Western University allowed us to grow and reach our potential as physicians and parents. We are so grateful to Western University for showing us the importance of compassion, the value of grit and the lifelong reward achieved by caring for one another, our families and our patients.”