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COMP & COMP-Northwest Administration

Our Administrative Offices are organized to help students effectively and efficiently navigate their pre-clinical courses, and clinical rotations. We are dedicated to preparing students for success in multiple health care settings working with diverse patients from all walks of life. Visit the links at the left to see how we lead our students to successful outcomes and continue to offer our alumni ongoing education for continued lifelong learning and development.

The College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific (COMP) & COMP-Northwest is currently under the leadership of Dean Lisa Warren, DO, MBA. Other members of COMP’s administrative team are listed here with their contact information. For additional background information on selected faculty and staff, click on their name.


Portrait of Lisa Warren, DO, MBA

Lisa Warren, DO, MBA

COMP & COMP-Northwest

Chair & Associate Professor of Pediatrics


Portrait of Edward V. Barnes II, MD, FACP

Edward V. Barnes II, MD, FACP

COMP & COMP-Northwest

Vice Dean, College Affairs
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Chief, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Portrait of Mandilin Hudson, DO

Mandilin Hudson, DO


Site Dean, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry

Portrait of Gerald Thrush, PhD

Gerald Thrush, PhD

COMP & COMP-Northwest

Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of Immunology

Portrait of Nissar A. Darmani, PhD

Nissar A. Darmani, PhD


Associate Dean, Basic Sciences and Research
Chair, Basic Medical Sciences
Professor of Pharmacology

Portrait of Marcel P. Fraix, DO, MBA, FAAPMR

Marcel P. Fraix, DO, MBA, FAAPMR


Associate Dean, Admissions & Enrollment, Chair & Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitaiton
Chief, Section of Health Policy & Management, Dept. of Population Health Science

Portrait of Michelle Park, EdD

Michelle Park, EdD


Associate Dean, Student Affairs

Portrait of Stephanie White, DO

Stephanie White, DO


Associate Dean, Clinical Education

Portrait of Jesus Sanchez, DO

Jesus Sanchez, DO


Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of NMM/OMM and Family Medicine

Portrait of Colleen Talbot, PhD

Colleen Talbot, PhD


Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor of Physiology

Portrait of Vy Nichols, MBA

Vy Nichols, MBA


Senior Director of Operations

Portrait of Elaine Rauch, MA

Elaine Rauch, MA


Senior Director of Operations

Support Staff

Portrait of Roxanne Gonzalez

Roxanne Gonzalez


Executive Assistant to the Dean and CME

Portrait of Devin Drill

Devin Drill


Executive Assistant to the Vice Dean

Portrait of Jennifer Aceves

Jennifer Aceves


Administrative Assistant III

Portrait of Andrea Grijalva

Andrea Grijalva



Portrait of Pamela Wombacher

Pamela Wombacher



Portrait of Crystal Rivera

Crystal Rivera


Wellness Coordinator/Media Specialist

Portrait of Grace Yu

Grace Yu


Lead Operations Associate

Portrait of Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey


Operations Associate