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Adaptive and Ergonomic Furniture

Generally, WesternU’s classrooms are accessible, however, some students require alternative furniture that allows them to fully participate in their courses. CDHP provides adaptive/ergonomic furniture options such as padded or supported seating, adjustable height tables, stools, and lecterns. Accessible furniture is approved as an accommodation through an interactive process between the student and the Associate Director or Director of CDHP and must be supported by documentation of the effects of the student’s disability from a licensed healthcare provider. Once approved for the accommodation, students should follow the process outlined below.

  • Process to Request Accessible Furniture

    Each term the student should submit an Accessible Furniture Request Form.

    1. The student lists their approved adaptive/ergonomic furniture for each class needed.
    2. CDHP will arrange for the adaptive/ergonomic furniture to be placed in the classroom.
    3. Sometimes the furniture is not permanently set up and is locked somewhere in the classroom for safekeeping.
      • CDHP will email the student the code for the combination lock once the furniture is placed in the classroom.
      • The student must lock the assigned furniture after each class (when applicable).
      • For all non-permanent furniture, the student must sign a CDHP Student Loan Agreement.
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    Reserved adaptive/ergonomic furniture

    Signage is placed on each piece of CDHP furniture to identify it as reserved adaptive/ergonomic furniture. If there is an issue with another student using the furniture you have requested, or if the furniture is being moved to a different location within the classroom, please ask your instructor for assistance right away, and contact CDHP at The instructor will generally be able to resolve the issue in the timeliest fashion.

    Students who have been granted accessible furniture as an accommodation must agree to abide by each of the provisions outlined within this webpage. Accessible furniture needs outside of the typical classroom experience (including fieldwork, internships, clinicals, etc.) are approved on a case-by-case basis by CDHP, who will coordinate with the instructors, program, and site as appropriate.