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Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations allow students with disabilities to fairly represent their knowledge and skills while mitigating the impact of their limitations because of their disability. There are several different types of testing accommodations that may be warranted based on the academic environment, the course objectives, and the abilities of the student.

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Types of exam accommodations

Some of the most common exam accommodations are extended testing time and a private room or distraction-reduced testing environment. Exam accommodations are approved through an interactive process between the student and the Associate Director or Director of CDHP and include a review of the student’s documentation from a qualified healthcare provider.
  • Exam Proctoring Services

    Proctoring services are available through CDHP for students approved to receive exam accommodations. CDHP works in collaboration with the students’ college to schedule exams so that they receive their approved testing accommodations.

    CDHP staff emails an Exam Notice containing the date, time, location, allowed testing materials, and the proctor’s name to the student and their College Accommodation Liaison (CAL) by the end of the business day prior to a scheduled quiz/exam to all students being proctored through CDHP.

    Students testing through CDHP will be scheduled on the same date and as close to the class quiz/exam time as possible. Students with extended testing time will generally start their exam earlier than their classmates; however, this is subject to change so students should check their WesternU email the morning of the quiz/exam.

    Students must follow WesternU’s Standards of Student Conduct at all times. CDHP staff will report any and all incidents in which academic integrity may have been compromised to the student’s College.

    A College may choose to proctor the student’s exam; however, they must provide the student with their approved accommodations.

    Students approved for exam accommodations should review CDHP’s Student Exam Day Policy and Procedures. For more information, please email