Community Engagement and Service Learning



Community Engagement and Service Learning Education strengthens medical education by integrating classroom knowledge and community service, building compassionate medical leaders through interdisciplinary teamwork that improves overall community health and the health of at-risk and underserved populations.


In preparing future osteopathic physicians, we commit to competent, compassionate and respectful patient care. We will embrace diversity and promote equality in our communities. With selfless dedication, we commit ourselves to community service through education and practice, strengthening osteopathic benefits to our community and improving community outcomes. Moving beyond the uncomfortable and inconvenient, we will combine our individual strengths and commit our lives to humanitarian service.


  • Identify and build interdisciplinary partnerships that work on culturally diverse community-based projects and collaborations that promote positive social change
  • Foster interdependent relationships where the community actively participates in building positive real-life community-based experiences for our medical students
  • Create student, faculty, and staff opportunities for active involvement in community development activities that positively impact health outcomes
  • Identify and encourage leadership participation on key community boards, forums and conferences
  • Support foundation efforts and collaboration that enhance the community partnerships we serve
  • Enhance short- and long-term partnerships by communicating outcomes to a variety of community stakeholders
  • Develop new courses in which community-based partnerships are central to course learning
  • Enhance existing courses by integrating community engagement into the course curriculum