Financial Aid

Budget for Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP)


(2019/2020 budgets coming soon!)

All Budgets are subject to change

The budget is for the student and educational expenses during the period of enrollment only.

(The ENP program is an 8 month program)


Emergency Nurse Practitioner  

 First Year ENP

$895.00 per unit

 Tuition & Fees  
 Tuition  $10,740.00
 Clinical Fees  $1,316.00
 Student Body Fees  $40.00
 Graduation Fees  $350.00
 Total Fees  $12,446.00
 Budget Items/Estimated Costs  
 Books & Supplies  $310.00
 Living Expenses (R&B/Personal)  $14,304.00
 Skills Boot Camp  $2,000.00
 Transportation  $1,000.00
 BLS with ACLS  $235.00
 PALS  $190.00
 Total Budget Components  $18,039.00
 Loan Fees  
 Direct Unsubsidized Loan Fees  $219.00
 Grad PLUS Loan Fees  $435.00
 Total Loan Fees  $654.00
 Total Budget  $31,139.00

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