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WesternU Anderson Tower at night with lighted sign.


Welcome to Western University of Health Sciences Financial Aid Office. Our goal is to provide quality customer service, counseling and support to all our students during their academic career at WesternU.

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) uses the latest technology to help streamline the financial aid process to help save time and make the process more convenient to all of our students. Additionally, we use online forms, web-based financial aid processing and Ban Web/Self Serve. Students will also have access to the student portal once you are assigned an email address and an enrolled student. Many additional services and resources can be found on the FAO website. And of course we are here to assist you at all times, no appointments are necessary.

For our prospective students we encourage you to go to the FAQ’S where you will find many answers to most of your questions having to do with the financial aid processing requirements.

Walk with a Doc

WesternU educates compassionate, competent health care professionals who are willing to go the extra mile for their patients, treating them as people instead of diseases. Faculty and administrators here believe in teaching by example, and exemplify the University’s humanistic philosophy by offering personal attention to each individual student. Students can expect the same treatment from WesternU that a patient should expect from an able health professional. This is especially true at the Financial Aid Office, where students can depend on friendly professionals who can answer questions, assist with paperwork and help identify possible funding resources.

Financial aid counselors are available to meet one-on-one with students. They will take the time to examine each individual financial situation, and help to generate ideas for the best funding solutions for students and their families. Students should investigate the various federal, state, and other public and commercial funding sources available to help pay for their education. Additionally, there is another major sector that provides crucial support to WesternU students. It is the world of private philanthropy: those individuals, corporations, and foundations who willingly accept the responsibility of serving as good citizens of the larger society. These benefactors contribute to assisting students in achieving their educational goals and ultimately to the quality of health care delivered to the public.