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Budget For Doctor of Podiatric Medicine – Advance Standing

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      Doctor of Podiatric Medicine  – Advance Standing – Entering Class 2020

  • All budgets are subject to change. As this is a new program for 2020 budget components may change prior to the start of the program.


  •  The budget is for the student and educational expenses during the period of enrollment only.

Entering Class 2020

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine – Advance Standing

12 Month Enrollment
Tuition & Fees  
Tuition $39,820.00
Student Body Fees $40.00
Graduation Fees N/A
Course Work Fee $10,000.00 ($5,000.00 per semester)
Total Fees $49,860.00 (subject to change)
Budget Items/Estimated Costs   
Books & Supplies $994.00
Living Expenses (R&B/Personal) $21,864.00
Transportation $6,032.00
Boards – AMPLE I $925.00
Background Check/Drug Screening $100.00
Membership Dues $100.00
Total Budget Components $30,015.00 (subject to change)
Loan Fees  
Direct Unsubsidized Loan Fees $499.00
Grad PLUS Loan Fees $1,407.00
Total Loan Fees $1,906.00 (subject to change)
Total Budget $81,781.00 (subject to change)