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Doctor of Dental Medicine-International



  • The budgets are estimated costs and subject to change.
  • The budget is for the student and educational expenses during the period of enrollment only.

Tuition & Fees

First Year
5 Months
Second Year
12 months
Third Year
10 Months
Tuition 34,534 138,138 103,604
Student Body Fees 20 40 40
Graduation Fees N/A N/A 350
Vital Source (cost is subject to change) 1,068 1,068 1,068
Digital Media Fee 554 554 351
Program Support Fee 1,811 7,240 7,240
HSAC Insurance 20 55 55
Livescan 85 N/A N/A
ASDA, CDA Membership Dues 98 98 98
iPad 499 N/A N/A
Henry Shein 370 N/A N/A
Kilgore 758 N/A N/A
Top Hat 27 27 27
CPR N/A 90 N/A
Scrubs 290 N/A N/A

Budget Items/Estimated Costs

First Year
5 Months
Second Year
12 months
Third Year
10 Months
Living Expenses (room + food) 9,360 22,453 18,720
Misc. Personal Expenses 3,110 7,469 6,226
Transportation 1,649 6,363 5,184
Loupes and Lights 2,000 N/A N/A
ADEX Exam (merged with WREB) N/A N/A 3,800
Law and Ethics Exam N/A N/A 150
Background Check/Additional Live Scan 175 175 175
Mobil Live Scan 85 N/A N/A

Loan Fees

First Year
5 Months
Second Year
12 months
Third Year
10 Months
Direct Unsubsidized Loan Fees 428 499 452
Grad PLUS Loan Fees 692 5,797 4,432
Total Estimated Budget 57,568 190,066 151,972

The average indebtedness for the International Dental program for 2021 was $333,380. For 2022 334,737.00.

The Dental Medicine program has two disbursements per academic year. One disbursement in the fall before school starts and one in the spring.

To see a sample of what your loan repayment schedule may look like, please visit the Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator Calculator.


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Financial Aid and Scholarships

Western University of Health Sciences provides financial support to recruit and retain outstanding students. No one should think that higher education is beyond his or her reach simply because of cost. With the help of federal, state, institutional and private funded scholarships and awards, students can achieve their educational goals for the future. Many WesternU colleges and programs offer incoming students recruitment scholarships based on the strength of a student’s admissions application and interview as well as their contributions to the community. A separate application is not required. When a student is accepted into the program and selected for a scholarship, the offer will be made at the same time that the admissions offer is made.