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A building with a parking lot and trees.

About the PHC

Nursing the lifelong bond between humans and animals.

The WesternU CVM Pet Health Center was established in 2014 and was designed to simultaneously support the local community by providing exceptional care while also serving as a teaching hospital dedicated to educating veterinary students.

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the essential respected veterinary resource for the vibrant communities we have the privilege to serve. We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing the profound connection that exists between families and their treasured animal companions. We are committed to not only providing exceptional medical care but also to fostering trust with every family that entrusts us with the care of their beloved pets. Through our comprehensive services and compassionate approach, we endeavor to create an environment where both humans and animals feel valued, understood, and supported.

Our mission is to enhance and prolong the loving relationship between families and their pets. We wholeheartedly believe that pets are more than just companions; they are integral members of the family, offering unwavering loyalty, boundless joy, and a unique kind of companionship. We strive to ensure that each interaction with us leaves a lasting impact.

With an experienced, professional team of veterinarians, RVTs, and support staff behind our vision and mission, we are proud to admit that we are not just in the business of veterinary care; we are in the business of nurturing the love, respect, and understanding that make the human-animal bond an exceptional and irreplaceable treasure.

WesternU Pet Health Center team of RVTs, Clinical Staff, and Veterinarians standing together on the steps of a building

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind the scenes, where dedication meets expertise and compassion meets action. We boast a dedicated assembly of experienced veterinarians, skilled Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs), and compassionate support staff. With their wealth of expertise, unwavering commitment, and profound love for animals, they serve as the backbone that makes our mission and vision a reality. This amazing team ensures that every interaction, every treatment, and every moment your pet spends in our care reflects our deep-seated commitment to providing the best for you and your pet.