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Client Resources

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-standing member of our pet-loving community, we’re here to simplify your pet’s healthcare journey. Explore our comprehensive range of offerings below and select the option that best suits your needs, including: new patient information, convenient drop-off details, an easy appointment request system, hassle-free prescription refills, and a wealth of how-to guides covering pet health, grooming, nutrition, and behavior. At Our Pet Health Center, we’re dedicated to enhancing the well-being of your furry family members. Start exploring our website today and let us be your go-to partner in ensuring your pets stay happy and healthy.

  • Appointment Request

    At WesternU Pet Health Center, we make it simple and stress-free to schedule your pet’s next appointment. Our dedicated team is here to provide your furry family members with the best possible care. Whether it’s a routine check-up, vaccinations, or addressing specific health concerns, we’ve got you covered. Our online appointment booking system is designed for your convenience, ensuring that your pet receives the attention they deserve. Make your pet’s health a top priority and schedule an appointment with us today. We look forward to serving you and your beloved pets.

    Click here to request an appointment

  • New Patient Information

    What to expect on your first visit

    WesternU Pet Health Center extends a warm welcome to new clients at our veterinary facility. We are dedicated advocates of effective communication and will work closely with you to address your pet’s healthcare needs, delivering the highest quality of care.

    You should first complete the “Request An Appointment” form to request an appointment for your pet that works best with your schedule.

    Once you arrive for your initial visit, our compassionate team will meticulously gather your pet’s medical history– we kindly request that you bring with you any relevant information pertaining to your pet’s medical records. If you have existing veterinary records that you’d like to transfer, you can choose to have them conveniently sent to us via mail or have your previous veterinarian fax the information directly to our clinic. Your pet’s well-being is our top priority, and we are committed to providing comprehensive care and support from day one.


  • Payment Information

    Payment Options

    We currently accept the following methods of payment:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Check (with current ID)
    • Cash
    • Care Credit
  • Drop Off Information

    At WesternU Pet Health Center, we understand that pet health concerns can arise at any time, often when it’s least expected. That’s why we’re pleased to offer convenient drop-off services for our valued existing clients.

    When you drop off your beloved pet at our clinic, our caring team will assist you in completing a simple form. This form allows you to communicate your pet’s specific health issue, ensuring we have all the necessary information to provide the best care possible. Your pet’s health is our top priority, and our drop-off services are designed to accommodate your busy schedule while ensuring your furry family member receives prompt and attentive care.

    You can save time by filling out the necessary form in advance. For your convenience, we have provided the forms in several forms, depending on your comfort level: digital, or printed. The digital form will be delivered straight to our care specialists once you complete and submit it. If you choose the printable form, you will need to bring a printed copy with you when you drop off your pet. If you choose to fill out the form in person at our clinic, we are happy to assist.

    Please note: there are different types of forms depending on the purpose of your visit as well.

    We thank you for choosing us as your trusted animal care specialists. Trust in the WesternU Pet Health Center to be your partner in keeping your pets happy and healthy!

  • Prescription Refill

    Managing your pet’s medication has never been easier! At WesternU Pet Health Center, we understand that maintaining your pet’s health often involves regular medication. That’s why we offer a streamlined prescription refill service to make your life simpler. We prioritize your pet’s well-being, and our prescription refill service ensures that your furry friend receives their necessary medications without hassle. As your reliable partner in your pet’s health journey, we’re ready to receive your prescription refill request today so we can keep your pet on the path to optimal health.

    Our prescription refill process is designed with your convenience in mind. To request a refill, you can either call our clinic directly or use the online form below. If you choose to use the online form, simply complete and submit it– our care team will receive the online submission and let you know when your prescription is ready for pick up.

    Click here to request a prescription refill

  • How To…

    “How To” Videos

    At the WesternU Pet Health Center, we are committed to providing you with valuable information to help you better understand your pet’s health and well-being. Our goal is to empower pet owners with knowledge about veterinary health care and common medical issues that can impact their pets’ daily lives.

    However, it’s important to note that the information we provide here is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for professional veterinary advice. It is not a substitute for a visit to our clinic or a consultation with a qualified veterinarian.

    When it comes to your pet’s health, medical decisions are significant and should be made following face-to-face interactions with a highly skilled veterinarian. If your pet requires medical attention or you have concerns about their well-being, please don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Your pet’s health and happiness are our top priorities, and our dedicated team is here to provide the expert care and guidance they deserve.

    How to give Subcutaneous (Sub-Q) fluids to a pet?

    Subcutaneous (SQ) fluid administration plays a crucial role in pet health, aiding in the correction and prevention of dehydration. This method involves administering fluids under the skin, allowing them to be gradually absorbed into the bloodstream.

    One of the most common conditions for which subcutaneous fluids are prescribed is chronic kidney failure. Pets dealing with chronic kidney failure often pass increased volumes of urine and may not have the appetite or strength to drink enough fluids to ward off dehydration. Additionally, oral injuries or other medical situations may necessitate the administration of fluids.

    In such cases, pet owners may be required to provide subcutaneous fluids on a regular basis, typically a few times a week, to supplement their pet’s oral water intake and ensure adequate hydration. It is essential to consult with your veterinarian to determine the appropriate treatment plan and fluid administration schedule for your beloved pet’s specific needs. Your pet’s health is our priority, and we are here to guide you in providing the best possible care.

    How to do a basic ear Cleaning?

    Ear cleaning on a dog instructional video Proper ear cleaning is crucial because, as they say, “correct application is key for the best results!” It’s important to make sure that any prescribed ear medication or treatment from your veterinarian is administered in the right way in order to work effectively.In this quick demonstration, viewers are shown on how to clean their dog’s ears effectively. We understand the importance of maintaining your pet’s ear health and providing the right cleaning technique. In this brief video, a straightforward demonstration offers instructions to simplify the process.

    Remember, your pet’s well-being is our priority. If you have any concerns or questions about ear health or the cleaning process, consult your veterinarian. We hope this video helps you maintain your furry friend’s ear health for a happy life.




    How to pill a dog?

    How to pill a dog instructional video Master the Art of Administering Medication to Your Dog: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safely Pilling Your Canine Companion. We understand that giving medication to your furry friend can be a challenge. Whether your dog is experiencing discomfort, exhibiting signs of aggression, or simply being a bit grumpy, it’s important to ensure a smooth and stress-free process. Remember, you’re not alone in this. Reach out to your dedicated veterinarian at WesternU Pet Health Center for personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your pet’s well-being. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, ensuring your dog receives the care they deserve.