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WesternU / Office of the Provost / WesternU Health and WesternU Pet Care

WesternU Health and WesternU Pet Care

At WesternU, our colleges and programs are united in one goal: maintaining health. Whether human, mammal, reptile or avian, we are all deeply connected around the globe. The health of our planet, and all those who call it home, depends on a unified approach in mitigating disease. The providers and veterinarians in our clinics train our students in the empathy, compassion, and science that is critical in relieving pain and suffering. These core values transcend professional specialties and unite us in our collective passion for wellness. Our exceptional clinicians are here to provide care to our communities and to train the next generations of health care professionals. Together they support the vision of One Health.

Image of a PA student examining a patient. Being observed by a COMP doctor and a COMP student

WesternU Health

WesternU Health boasts outpatient clinics in California and in Oregon. All of our clinics are dedicated to excellence in patient care and health education. Our clinical faculty, staff and patients provide training, knowledge and skills that are critical to the success of our future health care professionals. Clinical research within our clinics is a focus for many of our faculty and students, which enables patients to voluntarily participate in these studies as appropriate. The best of health care and health education in our clinics creates the best in patient care and experience for those we serve.
Image of veterinarians examining a cat at the Pet Health Center.

WesternU Pet Health Center

The Pet Health Center is a full-service veterinary hospital offering a variety of services, including preventive care, vaccines, routine surgeries such as spay and neuter, and dental cleanings.
Image of hands of a pharmacist and a patient. Pharmacist is explaining to patient how to take medication.

WesternU Health Pharmacy Approved as ADAP Service Provider

As an AIDS Drug Assistance Program service provider, the Pharmacy can now provide services to under-insured people living with HIV or AIDS.
Image of a patient in dentist chair getting an examination from the dentist

WesternU Dental Center Awarded $200K

The award from Delta Dental is in support of direct patient care services and patient check-in kiosks.
Image of a doctor giving a vaccination in the arm of a patient.

WesternU Health Pharmacy Conducts Monkey Pox Vaccine Clinics

The Pharmacy conducted two Monkey Pox vaccine clinics at the Pomona Pride Center for the LGBTQ+ community.
A reception area in a medical office - WesternU Health Eye Care Institute.

WesternU Health Eye Care Institute Receives $36k grant from the Kirchgessner Vision Foundation

The Kirchgessner Vision Foundation make grants to local organizations that provide much needed services in the field of vision. The Eye Care Institute is proud and humbled to receive a grant in the 2023-2024 grant year to provide vision care to the visually impaired population. Specifically, the grant money will go to new state of the art equipment to examine our patients and toward paying for low vision rehabilitation services, exams, and devices to those who are unable to afford these much needed services.