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Our students directly impact the future health of our families, friends, pets, and communities. As leaders in their professions, they will determine what services are provided, when they are delivered, and how those costs will be covered. Our students are the future leaders of their chosen professions and will soon stand shoulder to shoulder with us as colleagues. As adult learners at WesternU, the student voice not only informs the academic experience, but it also embodies the opportunities and expectations they hold for their careers. In service to our communities, we actively seek diverse cohorts of students who reflect the lived experiences of the people and places they will serve. We are committed to supporting all our learners as they master the skills and competencies needed to promote wellbeing and provide care in their communities.

Prospective Students

Health care has changed. Now more than ever, our communities need caring, compassionate professionals who can partner with them to stay healthy and well. This is the core mission of WesternU. With eight colleges and multiple programs, you will find the passion you are looking for and match that with your unique skill set to make a difference. Our faculty, staff and administration have one goal: your personal success. We are building the health care workforce of the future and we invite you to explore your future with us.

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Image of students with instructor using the Virtual Dissection Table.

The WesternU Student Experience

As adult learners in an escalating world of hi-tech platforms, social injustice, climate change, and economic instability, our students are future stewards of global health and wellness. The student experience must remain dynamic and relevant, in support of students’ success and lived experiences.
Image of students during a Interprofessional Education session

Interprofessional Education

As one of the most comprehensive health science universities in the nation, WesternU is proud of both our diversity as unique professions and our unity as one voice for the health and wellness of our communities. The delivery of comprehensive, coordinated health care demands an army of health care professionals who work in sync to heal the sick and protect the well. The silos of the past between health care professions are no longer acceptable. WesternU boasts interprofessional curriculum across all eight colleges, immersing students in the value of diverse teams composed of individuals with specialized training. As health care continues exponential advancement and change, our students are prepared to take their place on the frontlines and help lead the future of interdisciplinary care.
SGA board with Dr. Guidry

Student Government

Student voice is critical to the success of WesternU. Our student leaders provide governance, in collaboration with administrative and academic leaders, across the University, colleges and programs. Additionally, student leaders hold seats on committees, traditionally reserved for faculty and administration, to ensure the perspective of our students informs both policy and process. The Student Government Association also supports many student clubs at WesternU and organizes campus-wide club events.