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WesternU / Registrar / Student Health Insurance / Insurance Plan Enrollment/Premiums

Insurance Plan Enrollment/Premiums

If you wish to enroll in the student health insurance plan for the 2023/2024 academic year, you must submit your enrollment via the Health Sciences Assurance Consulting (HSAC) website. If you are a continuing student and are currently enrolled in the student health insurance plan during the 2022/2023 academic year, you will not need to resubmit your enrollment request. Your coverage on the WesternU student insurance plan will continue for 2023-2024 unless a waiver is received and approved by your waiver deadline The earlier you submit your enrollment, the sooner you will receive your plan materials (brochure, ID card). Students enrolling after the plan begins will have their coverage backdated to the start of the plan unless they have experienced an involuntary loss of coverage.

The student health insurance plan is sold as an academic year plan; however, the premium is split into two equal payments. The first payment is assessed during fall 2023 registration, and the second payment is assessed during spring 2024 registration. Students who enroll in the student health insurance plan at the start of the academic year will remain enrolled for the entire academic year and will not be eligible to waive out of the plan during the spring term.

Students who are receiving financial aid may be eligible for a budget increase to cover the costs of the student health insurance plan premiums. For more information on eligibility and the process for increasing your budget, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 909-469-5353 (WesternU) or 541-259-0360 (WesternU Oregon). You can also e-mail the Office of Financial Aid at

Students enrolling in the WesternU student insurance plan from 06/01/2023 – 07/31/2023 will be enrolled on the 22-23 policy year until 07/31/2023. Your enrollment will continue in the 22-24 Policy year effective 08/01/2023. Deductibles and Out-of Pocket Max requirements for care received from 06/01/2023 – 07/31/2023 will apply to the 22-23 Policy year. Deductibles and out of Pocket Max reset effective 08/01/2023 and care received from 08/01/2023 – 7/31/2024 will apply to the 23-24 policy year.

Dependent Coverage

Qualified dependents can be added to the student health insurance plan. The coverage dates and rate would be the same as the student’s coverage dates and rate; however, the premium cannot be charged to your student account. The entire premium for dependents is due at the time of enrollment. You will be able to add dependents when you enroll in the plan or due to a qualifying life event (involuntary loss of coverage, birth or adoption).

Obtaining Your Student Health Insurance Plan Materials

Once you have enrolled in the student health insurance plan, you can access your insurance plan ID card, search for providers, view claims information and review benefits via the Aetna Student Health website.

Plan Premiums

Please note, the annual premium charge for the 2023-2024 academic year will vary for students who are enrolled in early start programs. A breakdown of plan premiums can be found below:

Insurance Coverage Period Fall 2023 Premium Spring 2024 Premium Annual Premium
06/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (MSMS 2024) $2,314.73 $2,314.72 $4,629.45
06/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (ISAC 2027 – DO, DONW, DPM) $2,314.73 $2,314.72 $4,629.45
06/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (DPM-AS 2025) $2,314.73 $2,314.72 $4,629.45
07/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (DPTOR 2026) $2,157.98 $2,157.97 $4,315.95
07/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (PIP 2026) $2,157.98 $2,157.97 $4,315.95
08/01/2023 – 07/31/2024 (All Other Student Groups) $1,996.00 $1,996.00 $3,992.00
10/30/2023 – 07/31/2024 (OTD 2026) $1,015.00 $1,996.00 $3,011
01/01/2024 – 07/31/2024 (Spring Starts – New Students) N/A $2,323.83 $2,323.83
03/01/2024 – 07/31/2024 (DMD-IDP 2026) N/A $1,669.23 $1,669.23

*All insurance coverage is subject to applicable state form and rate filing approval and, once approved to the terms of the Master Policy. We have not yet received approval from the state insurance department for the 2023-2024 benefits and rates described in this document. As part of the approval process, the State may require us to make changes to the benefits and/or rates. We will notify you if that happens.