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Western University of Health Sciences offers all students the option of purchasing an annual or semester parking permit for the academic year. Students may request additional assistance from the Financial Aid office to cover this permit fee.

Students must purchase a WesternU annual or semester parking permit to park a vehicle in WesternU designated parking areas. These permits allow students to park in our student parking lots, the university parking structure and designated street parking.

You may access the parking map by clicking the following link:

Those students who do not purchase a WesternU permit must use Daily Permit parking to park a vehicle in the City Daily Permit lot (further information below).

Students who do not have WesternU parking permits do not have access to Western University of Health Sciences vehicle parking. Students parking without a Western University parking permit displayed on the mirror or dashboard, or without the correct permit for the area will be cited by the City of Pomona Police Department. At the third citation, the vehicle is subject to tow.

are considered students and must purchase a WesternU Student parking permit or use Daily Permit Parking. 

Student Lots

Student Parking Permits

City Public Metered Parking


Other Parking Situations

  • Guests: Guests parking may be scheduled by staff only. Students may not arrange guest parking but may request this through Student Affairs. Guests may also park in the free 2-hour parking zone on Palomares for 2 hours or less.
  • Accessible (Disabled) Parking: Persons with disabled placards may park in any WesternU lot with a valid WesternU parking permit.
  • Reserved Parking: There are reserved parking spots (with signage). Only the designated person may park there. These spaces are located in employee lots and the University Parking Structure.
  • First Street: Designated areas are for Amtrak and Student parking only (follow the signs).
  • Invalid permits: are subject to ticket or tow by the city. Blank parking permits will not be provided to anyone.
  • Evening and Weekend Parking: You may park in the University parking structure, student lot #27 and employee lot #’s 19, 21, and 24 in the evenings and weekends. The remaining lots are pay parking in the evenings (7:00 p.m. +) and on the weekends. You are free to park in any space, except “Reserved” marked spaces. This may change to limited parking hours in the near future.