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Sponsor a Child

Santa Claus, gift

Sponsor a Child

Please choose a child to sponsor from the list below. If you are familiar with WesternU’s Santa’s Workshop event, you may notice we have more older teens and young adults on the list. Historically this event provided gifts for children aged newborn-14 years. During the pandemic, we were able to expand our age groupings to include older teens. This year, for the first time, the Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) has identified young adults, aged 17-21, who will greatly benefit from the generosity of the WesternU Santa’s Workshop event. These young adults remain in the foster care system and are receiving AB12 services (a federal program to prevent homelessness of foster youth). Many of them are survivors of child abuse and neglect and have limited support outside of their DCFS social worker. We are expanding our hearts a little more this year by including these young adults on our list of gift recipients. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact University Student Affairs (

Please keep in mind, the social worker meets with the families to build the list. We ask them to keep the items reasonably priced. We must ensure that every child is sponsored so please only sign up if you are able to purchase and deliver a gift by the deadline mentioned below.

How it works:

  1. Review the list below to see which child you would like to sponsor.
    Pro-tip 1: You can sort the list by age, gender, and if a child has already been sponsored.
    Pro-tip 2: Note the “Gift” number assigned to the name – you’ll need it!
  2. To confirm your sponsorship please:
    Chat with us on the Santa’s Workshop Team site -or-
    E-mail: studentaffairs@westernu.eduor-
    Call: 909-469-5340
  3. Once confirmed you’ll receive an e-mail with all of the details.
  4. Please DELIVER/MAIL your WRAPPED (gift bags preferred) and LABELED gift(s) to the University by November 20, 2023. Detailed instructions will be provided in your confirmation e-mail.
Gift #NameAgeGift IdeaHas this Child Already Been Sponsored?
1Ayala A.M19Target Gift Card/ Axe gift setSponsored
2Markiyah B.F19Bath and Body Works gift set/ PurseSponsored
3Naj-Aree H.F18Target Gift Card/ Body Spray SetSponsored
4Hailey H.F19Movie Tickets/ scarf setSponsored
5Ci’Anna K.F20Target Gift Card/ Bath & Body Works setSponsored
6Illiana M.F20Make up/ Target gift cardSponsored
7Kiana M.F20Make up bag/ purse/ target gify cardSponsored
8Isacc M.M19Axe set/ wallet/ movie ticketsSponsored
9Marlene O.F18Wallet/ Target gift cardSponsored
10Demetrius P. B.M20Movie Tickets/ beenie/ walletSponsored
11Genesis R.M19Wallet/ axe set/ target gift cardSponsored
12Elizabeth R.F20purse/ Bath & Body works setSponsored
13Sisily S.F19target gift card/ purseSponsored
14Jueventino S.M20Axe gift set/ walletSponsored
15Roni W.F18Make-up bag/ movie ticketsSponsored
16Ryder W.M5Modeling Clay/ Lego SetSponsored
17Ryley W.F5Remote Control Car/ Lego SetSponsored
18Gabriela B.F18Target Gift Card/ Bath & Body Works setSponsored
19Elizabeth C.F18bath and Body Works gift set/ PurseSponsored
20Hazel C.F20target gift card/ purseSponsored
21Montserrat C.F18bath & body works set/ puseSponsored
22Galilea D. O.F18Target gift card/ walmart gift cardSponsored
23Itzayana E.F19Gas Card/ Bath & Body works setSponsored
24Christian G.M15Axe set/ walletSponsored
25Christina G.F14Target gift card/ art suppliesSponsored
26Jazlyn G.F20purse/ Bath & Body works setSponsored
27Natalie L.F18bath & body works set/ scarf setSponsored
28Brianna L.F19Make up/ Target gift card/ uber gift cardSponsored
29Camila L.-R.F17Purse/ make-up bagSponsored
30Cristal L.F19Target gift card/ uber gift card/ make-upSponsored
31Sarai M.F19target gift card/ purseSponsored
32Kristian N.M18Wallet/beanie/ axe setSponsored
33Raymond R.M17Axe Set/ WalletSponsored
34Davida S.F17Purse/ Target gift cardSponsored
35Patricia T.F19Target gift card/ movie ticketsSponsored
36Jelani W.M18Beenie/ wallet/ Target gift cardSponsored
37Jr J.M1Large LegosSponsored
38Watkins #1 B.F1Activity Cube/educational toysSponsored
39Watkins #2 B.F1Shape Sorter/Educational toysSponsored
40Watkins #3 B.F1Farm Animal set/Educational toysSponsored
41Torres B.06 to 9 months clothing in neutral colorsSponsored
42Laura A.F18purse/ Bath & Body works setSponsored
43Veronica B.F1Leapfrog Learning Book/ BlanketSponsored
44Shakim B.M7race car/ action toysSponsored
45Makayla C.F18purse/ movie ticketsSponsored
46Amber D.F20Target Gift Card/ Bath & Body Works setSponsored
47Baby Girl D.F2Activity Learning Cube/ PlaymatSponsored
48Kiabeth D.F18Bath & Body works set/ make-upSponsored
49Jovany G. R.M20Axe gift set/ wallet/ movie ticketsSponsored
50Sarai G.F20Target gift card/ purseSponsored
51Child for Sarai G.Newborn0Learning activity toy/block/diaper bagSponsored
52Abijah H.M19Wallet/ beenie/ target gift cardSponsored
53Urania H..F18bath & body works set/ purseSponsored
54Child of Urania H.Newborn0Newborn hygiene/umbrella strollerSponsored
55Marianne L.F17Bath & Body works set/ make-upSponsored
56Patience R.F1Baby doll with stroller/Blocks/umbrella strollerSponsored
57Patricia T.Newborn0Diaper bag/umbrella stroller/receiving blanketSponsored
58Jerimiah L. HM10monthsLearning activity toy/block/blanketSponsored
59Mary Jane L.F19Movie Tickets/ purse/ make-upSponsored
60Salicia M.F19tumbler/ target gift card/ purseSponsored
61Carmella M.F17purse/ movie tickets/ scarfSponsored
62Leeah P.F21Target Gift Card/ Bath & Body Works setSponsored
63Harmony P.F7Jewelry making kit/arts and craftsSponsored
64Matthew P.M4Action figures/ race carSponsored
65Daniela S.F19target gift card/ purse/ make-up setSponsored
66Katherine S.F20Gift card to eat out/ bath & body works setSponsored
67Xen H. S.L.M0Infant toy/blanket/Learning activity toySponsored
68Destiny H.F20Uber gift card/ purse/ make-up brushesSponsored
69Tony J.M18In-n-out gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
70Ignacio M..M19Starbucks gift card/ axe set/ walletSponsored
71Paulina M.F15purse/ ear phonesSponsored
72Simon R.F18bath & body works set/ make-upSponsored
73Amore R.F20Uber gift card/ scarf/ purseSponsored
74Jedidiah S.M17Axe gift set/ wallet/ movie ticketsSponsored
75Gabriel W.J.M20Movie tickets/ uber gift card/ walletSponsored
76Ruben A.M18Axe gift set/ beenieSponsored
77Bianca P. R.F20Bath & body works set/ purseSponsored
78Maritza Q.F17movie tickets/ purseSponsored
79Nathalie S. M.F20tumbler/ bath & body works setSponsored
80Angelina S.F17bath & body works set/ scarf setSponsored
81Stephanie V.-R.F17purse/ Bath & Body works setSponsored
82Christian V.M16tumbler/ purseSponsored
83Jeremiah V.M13lego set/ watchSponsored
84Adaline J.F8bracelet making set/ purseSponsored
85Alexis J.M10wallet/ head phones/ Lego setSponsored
86Ashley J.F11nail polish set/ game boardsSponsored
87Susan K.F20bath & body works set/ uber gift cardSponsored
88Anthony L.M20In-n-out gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
89Daysha M.F19target gift card/ purse/ make-up setSponsored
90Angel S.M17speaker/ axe gift setSponsored
91Joshua T.M20uber gift card/ wallet/ axe gift setSponsored
92Krystine W.F18purse/ in-n-out gift card/ make-upSponsored
93Joshua Y.M20target gift card/ wallet/ watchSponsored
94Liam Y.M19Axe gift set/ wallet/ movie ticketsSponsored
95Adrian B.M20movie tickets/ axe gift setSponsored
96Alexis D. D.M19Uber gift card/ axe gift setSponsored
97Damon M.M19target gift card/ watch/ beenieSponsored
98Chris M.M18axe gift set/ beenie/ walletSponsored
99Isabella R.F17Bath & Body works set/ purseSponsored
100Isaiah R.M17Speaker/ wallet/ watchSponsored
101Ashley S.F13blanket/ bracelet making set/ purseSponsored
102Andres S. S.M10race car/ wallet/ head phonesSponsored
103Antonio S.M9flipside game/ indoor basketball hoopSponsored
104Stephanie T.-T.F20target gift card/ make-up setSponsored
105Jaynesha B.F17purse/ movie ticketsSponsored
106Joseph C.M19movie tickets/ axe gift setSponsored
107Ezekiel G.M20Target gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
108Jacob L.M19Uber gift card/ axe gift setSponsored
109Tynavia McC.F20Bath & Body wwork set/ make-upSponsored
110Erik M.M15speaker/ mini basketball hoopSponsored
111Anthony S.M20In-n-out gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
112Keanna W.F18Make-up bag/ movie ticketsSponsored
113Semaj W.M20Target giftcard/ axe gift setSponsored
114Chance W.M10game cube/ race carSponsored
115Amena W.-H.F11wall collage kit/ bracelet making kitSponsored
116Denise B.F19tumbler/ in-n-out gift card/ purseSponsored
117Aryiante B.F19Target Gift Card/ Bath & Body Works setSponsored
118CRYSTAL C.F18Wallet/ movie ticketsSponsored
119Breanna D.F18Bath & body works set/ purseSponsored
120Savannah G.F19Taget gift card/ make-upSponsored
121Nicholas H.M19uber gift card/ wallet/ axe gift setSponsored
122Eriana J. P.F19Movie tickets/ tumbler/ purseSponsored
123Yvette M.F19Bath & body works set/ movie ticketsSponsored
124Yvonne M.F19target gift card/ Make-up bagSponsored
125Britnyssa M.F19Bath & body works set/ purseSponsored
126Jessica R.F17Purse/ wallet/ starbucks gift cardSponsored
127Aries T.M18Target gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
128David W.M18Starbucks gift card/ axe set/ walletSponsored
129Mariyah W.-T.F18Target gift card/ purse/ walletSponsored
130Joanna B.F8magnetic play tilesSponsored
131Damien C.M12race car/ lego setSponsored
132Jessimae C.F0Baby Rattle/ Tummy Time matSponsored
133Westley C.M3matching game/pop up tentSponsored
134Sergio G.M17speaker/ axe gift setSponsored
135Ximena G.-M.F16tumblet/ bath & body works setSponsored
136Nesreen G.F6writing tablet for kids/ ball catch gameSponsored
137Julian G.M9LED gloves/ race car/ lego setSponsored
138Danuel J.M6dinosaur set/ truck setSponsored
139Valentin J.M8remote control robot/ game boardSponsored
140Caleb L.M3Foam Sport Soccer Balls/ Large LegosSponsored
141Ryan R.M9action figures/ race carSponsored
142Steven R.M0Playmat/ blanketSponsored
143Marvelous T.F12bracelet making set/ purseSponsored
144Mateo W.M4walkie talkies/ super hero action figureSponsored
145Jayden W.M2Shape Sorter/Educational toysSponsored
146Caralinda E.F15purse/ art setSponsored
147Krish G.M8race car/ gameboardSponsored
148Piya G.F10art set/ bracelet making setSponsored
149Helena G.F12art set/ purseSponsored
150Penelope G.F0Teething rings/ Tummy time matSponsored
151Manuel P.M2Water doodle mat/ Learning booksSponsored
152Olivia P.F2Wooden Puzzles/ Large LegosSponsored
153Jaret R. V.M17Starbucks gift card/ walletSponsored
154Valerie R. V.F14Purse/ art setSponsored
155Brianna A.F19Target gift card/ purseSponsored
156David B.M19uber gift card/ wallet/ axe gift setSponsored
157Ricardo C.M19In-n-out gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
158Dajhon C.M19Target Gift Card/ Axe gift setSponsored
159Joshua C.M20Starbucks gift card/ walletSponsored
160Kimberly G.F20Uber gift card/ tumbler/ purseSponsored
161John I.M19In-n-out gift card/ axe gift setSponsored
162Biruk J.M20Target gift card/ beenieSponsored
163Zamarion K.F19Ulta gift card/ purse/ scarfSponsored
164Charles M.M19Uber gift card/ walletSponsored
165Deshawn O.M20Target Gift Card/ Axe gift setSponsored
166Jason R.M20In-n-out gift card/ axe gift setSponsored
167Junior R.M20Uber gift card/ axe gift setSponsored
168Briana R.F19tumblet/ bath & body works setSponsored
169Gregory T.M19Target gift card/ wallet/ watchSponsored
170Paul U.M19Uber gift card/ watch/ beenieSponsored
171Alisha W.F20Ulta gift card/ purse/ scarfSponsored
172Benito A.-S.M19target gift card/ watch/ beenieSponsored
173William B.M17Speaker/ Target gift cardSponsored
174Luis C.M18Uber gift card/ watch/ axe gift setSponsored
175Lynette C. F.F18sephora gift card/ tumblet/ make-up bagSponsored
176Joseph D.M20Uber gift card/ wallet/ beenieSponsored
177Mark G.M17Taget gift card/ speakerSponsored
178Natalia H.F18Bath & body works set/ purse/ tumblerSponsored
179Christopher M.M18Uber gift card/ watch/ walletSponsored
180Serenity L.R.F18Target gift card/ make-up bagSponsored
181Junior R.M19Ubr gift card/ wallet/ watchSponsored
182Dylan R.M17speaker/ axe gift setSponsored
183Melinda Z.F18Targer gift card/ purse/ walletSponsored
184Angel M. B.F11Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
185Jesse C.M20Wallet/beanie/movie ticketsSponsored
186Omar H.M10Lego set/movie ticketsSponsored
187Emanuel J. P.M17Wallet/beanie/movie ticketsSponsored
188Luciana M.F3Baby doll with strollerSponsored
189Sebastian M.M2Monster trucks/Paw patrol toysSponsored
190Raul O.M17Wallet/beanie/movie ticketsSponsored
191Ricky O.M9Lego set/movie ticketsSponsored
192Rocksi O.F13Backpack purse/movie ticketsSponsored
193Ruby O.F15Backpack purse/movie ticketsSponsored
194King A.l A. G.M2Monster trucks/Paw patrol toysSponsored
195Deon A.M2Monster trucks/Paw patrol toysSponsored
196Arianna B.F10Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
197Melanie B.F8Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
198Jade B.F11Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
199Mallory C.r J.F1Activity cubeSponsored
200Katherine G.F15Backpack purse/movie ticketsSponsored
201Destinee G.F13Backpack purse/movie ticketsSponsored
202Harlie K.F13Backpack purse/movie ticketsSponsored
203Sawyer K.M16Beanie set/movie ticketsSponsored
204Ariella R.F3Baby doll with strollerSponsored
205Alissa T.F12Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
206Isaiah T.M13backpack/movie ticketsSponsored
207Jeremiah T.M16backpack/movie ticketsSponsored
208Isabella B.F9Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
209Ulysses B.M17backpack/movie ticketsSponsored
210Mia C.F4Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
211Hunter E.M5lego set/action figuresSponsored
212Aiden M.M10Lego set/movie ticketsSponsored
213Cattaleya P.F4Baby doll with strollerSponsored
214Claudia R.F9Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
215Leila R.F6Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
216Maria S.F1Ride on toy/educational toySponsored
217Titus S.M7Scooter with helmetSponsored
218Adam A.i-C.M15Beanie set/movie ticketsSponsored
219Brooklyn A.F8Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
220Charity A.F3Disney princess dolls/education toySponsored
221Izabella D.-D.F10Jewelry making kit/arts and craftsSponsored
222Benny E.M5Action figures/lego setSponsored
223Seth I.M17Beanie set/movie ticketsSponsored
224Aliya J.F8Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
225Alexis M.F12Jewelry making kit/arts and craftsSponsored
226Nicholas N.M11Lego set/backpackSponsored
227Skylie P.F15Target Gift Card/Bath and Body Works SetSponsored
228Anna S.F6Disney princess dolls/education toySponsored
229Mary T.F3Disney princess dolls/education toySponsored
230Jose V.M13Arts and crafts/backpackSponsored
231Valerie D.F17Target Gift Card/Make-up/Body Spray productsSponsored
232Tyron W.M15Fast Food Gift CardSponsored
233Lamar W.M14Fast Food Gift CardSponsored
234Levi W.M14Fast Food Gift CardSponsored
235Hayden T.M9Movie Tickets, video game cardSponsored
236Daniel C.M15Guitar/Video game cardSponsored
237Anthony D. R.M7Fortnite CharactersSponsored
238Catherine C.F4Disney princess dolls/Disney princess dress upSponsored
239Alize T.F17Purse/Target Gift Cars/Lip glossSponsored
240Paola T.F9Barbies/Play Jewelry making setSponsored
241Vanessa T.F7Barbies/Play Jewelry making setSponsored
242Guillermo T.M5Diseny Cars/Super Mario Toys/Sonic toySponsored
243Christopher S.M13Sketchbool SuppliesSponsored
244Clairssa SF11Slime Supply KitSponsored
245James S.M10LegosSponsored
246Daniel S.M6LegosSponsored
247Rebecca S.F2Plastic Kitchen SetSponsored
248Karla D.F16Kindel/e-readerSponsored
249Christian G.M16X-Box related clothes size LargeSponsored
250Jenessa R.F12Diamond Dots/squishmallownsSponsored