Sponsor a Child | Santa’s Workshop – 2022

Please see the list of children sponsored by Santa’s Workshop below.  Keep in mind, the social worker meets with the family to build the list and we ask them to keep the items reasonably priced. We must ensure that every child is sponsored so please only sign up if you are able to purchase and deliver a gift by the deadline mentioned below. 

How it will work this year:

  1. Review the list below to see which child you would like to sponsor. 
    Pro-tip 1: You can sort the list by age, gender, and if a child has already been sponsored.
    Pro-tip 2: Note the “Gift” number assigned to the name – you’ll need it!
    Pro-tip 3:
    Gift items on the list are a suggestion, if you have questions feel free to reach out to USA for help with ideas. 
  2. To confirm your sponsorship please:
    Join us during our office hours on Zoom (M-F/12:00-1:00p.m. PST) -or-
    Chat with us on the Santa’s Workshop Team site -or-
    E-mail: studentaffairs@westernu.edu 
  3. Once confirmed you’ll receive an e-mail with all of the details.
  4. Please DELIVER/MAIL your WRAPPED (gift bags preferred) and LABELED gift(s) to the University by Tuesday, November 22, 2022. 
    Instructions provided in your confirmation e-mail. 

The list below will be periodically updated as children are being sponsored:

1Ivonne C10FBraclet/jewelry making kitSponsored
2Jose L15MSkateboard and HelmetSponsored
3Jacqueline L5FDisney DollsSponsored
4Charleen L10FArts and Craft SetSponsored
5Charlette L8FBraclet/jewelry making kitSponsored
6Nova L8FLOL Dolls/BarbiesSponsored
7Olivia L6FDisney or LOL DollsSponsored
8Esmeralda P1FMusical BooksSponsored
9Angelie Q8FBaribies /LOL DollsSponsored
10Ashly R12FPurse, watch, Yougurtland gift cardSponsored
11Baby G0FSensory developmental toysSponsored
12Davida S16FBath & Body Works SetSponsored
13Aneth S15FBath & Body Works SetSponsored
14Israel T12MSkateboard and HelmetSponsored
15Nathan T5MSonic or Monster TrucksSponsored
16Esperanza V3FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
17Naithan E4MHotwheels Cars TrackSponsored
18Adam G7MSonic ToysSponsored
19Johnny H1MDevelopmental Toy: Activity CubeSponsored
20Eileen H14FBath & Body Works SetSponsored
21Leilani H8FBarbies/Jewelry Making Set/JournalSponsored
22Otilio H16MTarget Gift Card/AxeSponsored
23Romeo I10MGame Stop Gift CardSponsored
24Natalie L18FBath & Body Works Set/ PurseSponsored
25Carmella M17FMake Up Set/ PurseSponsored
26Pablo M12MWallet/ Beenie/Target Gift CardSponsored
27Paulina M15FBath & Body Works/Fast Food Gift CardSponsored
28Matthew P15MWallet/ Beenie/In n Out Gift CardSponsored
29Hayden T8MGame Stop Gift Card/ BeenieSponsored
30Jaime T5MSuper Hero Action FiguresSponsored
31Aiden A7MLego SetSponsored
32Desmond A9MSkateboard and HelmetSponsored
33Jazlyn A2FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
34Keira A8FBracle/Jewelry making kitSponsored
35Nevaeh C0FDevelopmental Toy: Activity CubeSponsored
36AnthonyRay G1MSensory developmental toysSponsored
37Angel L15FPurse/ Make-up Set/Target Gift CardSponsored
38Penelope R7FLOL Dolls/Barbie setSponsored
39John R3MLarge Lego SetSponsored
40Lilo R6FRemote control carSponsored
41Tivian R7FKids Microphone/Justice Gift CardSponsored
42Oliver S2MActivity Learning Cube/CarsSponsored
43Andrew S13MEarphones/Game Stop Gift CardSponsored
44Angelina S16FTaget Gift Card/ PurseSponsored
45Ayden S10MScooter with helmet/Game Stop Gift CardSponsored
46Aileena W6FLol Dolls/Barbies/Pajamas size 7/8Sponsored
47Ashley A5FDisney Princess DressesSponsored
48Jacob A12MTarget Gift Card/Beenie/ Wallet SetSponsored
49Eddie C7MRemote control car/Sonic ToysSponsored
50Sylvia C5FMagnetic Tile Toys/Hotwheels trackSponsored
51Alvaro Q14MTarget Gift Card/Watch/ Wallet SetSponsored
52Claudia R8FBraclet making kit/Justice Gift CardSponsored
53Leila R5FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
54Ezli R12FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
55Izel R15FBath & Body Works Set/target Gift CardSponsored
56Mia R10FJwelry/Braclet making kit/Justice Gift CardSponsored
57Isaiah R7MSonic Toys/Scooter w/helmetSponsored
58Maria S0FTummy Time Baby ActivitySponsored
59Adrian S11MGame Stop gift card/BeenieSponsored
60Isaak S12MEarphones/Game Stop Gift CardSponsored
61Logaan S9MSkateboard and HelmetSponsored
62Titus S6MHot Wheel track with CarsSponsored
63Layla B3FDisney Princes DollsSponsored
64Jade B10FArts and Craft Set/Target Gift CardSponsored
65Angel G2FMusical Toy/Disney ToysSponsored
66Jacob G15MTarget Gift Card/Cologne/ WalletSponsored
67Krish G8MGamer Stop Gift CardSponsored
68Nathan G17MCologne/ Taget Gift Card/Axe SetSponsored
69Piya G9FJewelry/Braclet making kitSponsored
70Destinee G13FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
71Llayla G9FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
72Gabriel G14MTarget Gift Card/HeadphonesSponsored
73Mason H8MScooter with helmet/Game Stop Gift CardSponsored
74Sammy H3FPrincess Dolls/Learning BooksSponsored
75Liliana P3FDisney Dolls/LeapFrog Learning toySponsored
76Nikko P5MHot Wheel Track with CarsSponsored
77Bradley R14MTarget Gift Card/ Axe Set/EarphonesSponsored
78Dylan R16MTaget Gift Card/ WalletSponsored
79Deon A1MDevelopmental Toy: Activity CubeSponsored
80Brooklyn A8FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
81Charity A2FDisney Princess Doll/Musical BooksSponsored
82Sophia B7FBarbies/Jewelry Making Set/JournalSponsored
83Carly G17FBath & Body Works Set/target Gift CardSponsored
84Gwendolyn G9FJewelry/Braclet making kit/ Justice Gift CardSponsored
85Ariana G5FDisney Princess DressesSponsored
86Seth I16MTaget Gift Card/Wallet/Gift CardSponsored
87Alexis M11FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
88Ali M7MSonic toys/Monster Trucks/HotwheelsSponsored
89Nour M7FBarbies/Jewelry Making Set/JournalSponsored
90Ariyah R3FDisney Princes DollsSponsored
91Alissa T11FJustice Gift Card/Braclet making kitSponsored
92Isaiah T12Mtarget Gift card/Wallet/ BeenieSponsored
93Jeremiah T16MTarget Gift Card/Cologne/ Wallet SetSponsored
94Jasper V3MDinosaur SetSponsored
95Arianna B9FArts and Craft SetSponsored
96Melanie B7FLol Dolls/Barbie setSponsored
97Mallory C0FDevelopmental Toy: Activity CubeSponsored
98Natalie E17FMake Up Set/ Purse/Target Gift cardSponsored
99Adriel G11MGame Stop Gift Card/ Beenie/HeadphonesSponsored
100Y'shua G16MBath & Body Works Set/ PurseSponsored
101Katherine G14FMake up Set/ Target Gift CardSponsored
102Harlie K12FJustice Gift Card/backpack/purseSponsored
103Sawyer K15MTarget Gift Card/Beenie/HeadphonesSponsored
104Ceasar M11MMovie ticketsSponsored
105Christopher M17MMovie ticketsSponsored
106Nikolai O8MLego Set/Game Stop Gift CardSponsored
107Damian P3MToy Story ToysSponsored
108Ariella R3FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
109William W13MGame Stop Gift Card/BeenieSponsored
110Conrad W7MSonic Toys/LegosSponsored
111Abigail A15FMake up Set/Backpack purse/gift cardSponsored
112Izabella D9FBarbies/Jewelry making kit/Board GamesSponsored
113Benny E4MDisney toys- CarsSponsored
114Dallas H3FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
115Aliya J7FLol Dolls/Barbies/Pajamas size 8/10Sponsored
116Nicholas N10MGame Stop Gift CardSponsored
117Skylie P14FMake-up setSponsored
118Noah S0MEducational toy/baby blanket/baby clothesSponsored
119Mary T2FBaby doll with strollerSponsored
120Evelyn V3FDisney Princess DressesSponsored
121Mason V6MSonic Toys/LegosSponsored
122Zander V5MSonic Toys/LegosSponsored
123Jose V12MGame Stop Gift Card/EarphonesSponsored
124Lamar W13MMovie ticketsSponsored
125Levi W13MMovie ticketsSponsored
126Tyron W13MMovie ticketsSponsored
127Melinda Z17FTarget Gif Card/Backpack purse/gift cardSponsored
128Denise A8FLOL Dolls/Barbie setSponsored
129Anastasia B1FEducational toy/baby blanket/baby clothesSponsored
130Joshua D7MSonic toys/Monster trucksSponsored
131Adrian E2MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
132Estrella E4FDisney Princess DressesSponsored
133Luna E7FLol Dolls/Barbie setSponsored
134Maximo E10MMovie ticketsSponsored
135Ocean E5MRemote control car/legosSponsored
136Sunshine E12FMovie tickets/Jewelry making kitSponsored
137Aziel H1MEducational toy/baby blanket/baby clothesSponsored
138Kaleb N11MMovie ticketsSponsored
139Jahiyrah P3FDisney Dress up setSponsored
140Ruthmarie P2FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
141Timyzse P4FDisney Princess DollsSponsored
142Joseph R1MEducational toy/baby blanket/ clothesSponsored
143Camila S16FBath & Body Works Set/ PurseSponsored
144Sofia S10FMovie TicketsSponsored
145Serenity V6FLol Dolls/Barbie setSponsored
146Dorian A2MDisney toys/pajamas size 3Sponsored
147Alina C4FBaby doll with strollerSponsored
148Ezekiel C1MEducational toy/blanket/clothes size 24 monthSponsored
149Amelia E6FPrincess Dolls-EcantoSponsored
150Charlotte E3FPrincess Dolls-EcantoSponsored
151Aolanis G2Fbaby Doll with strollerSponsored
152Evann L15MTarget Gift Card/Wallet/ BeenieSponsored
153Gianna L13FTarget Gift Card/Backpack/purseSponsored
154Alberto M10MBackpack - Movie TicketsSponsored
155Hennessess N6FLOL Dolls/barbie SetSponsored
156Maryjane P9FNail polish set/Movie TicketsSponsored
157Dafael S4MSonic Toys/Monster trucksSponsored
158Dimond W4FBarbie doll setSponsored
159Ezekyel B04MSonic toys/Monster trucksSponsored
160Elijah C06MHotwheels set/Legos SetSponsored
161Caralinda E03FDisney Princess Dolls-FrozenSponsored
162Jacob E04MDisney Toys- Movie CarsSponsored
163Valerie F05FDisner dress up clothes-size 7/8Sponsored
164William H07MSuper Mario Brothers ToysSponsored
165Aubrey M03FPrincess dolls- Frozen 2Sponsored
166Jasmine M04FPrincess dolls-CinderellaSponsored
167Hailie M03FPrincess dolls-Snow whiteSponsored
168Jesus R03MDinosaur SetSponsored
169Angel S05MBatman Remote control carSponsored
170Vanessa T05FDisney Dress up clothes size 7/8Sponsored
171Guillermo T06MDinosaur SetSponsored
172Paola T04FLeap Frog Learning SerSponsored
173Alize T03FLeap Frog Learning SerSponsored
174Aaron V04MHotwheels set/Monster trucksSponsored
175Saul V03MSuper Hero Remote Control CarSponsored
176Juliana A10FNail polish kit/purse/Justice Gift CardSponsored
177Nathaniel A8MLego set/Movie TicketsSponsored
178Rudy B2MSuper Hero Remote Control CarSponsored
179Karla D14FBackpack purse/Target gift cardSponsored
180Marco D17MTarget Gift Card /Axe gift set/walletSponsored
181Edna F3FDisney Princess dolls- Frozen 2Sponsored
182Jacob G3MBatman remote control car/Monster trucksSponsored
183Angel I4MBatman Remote Control CarSponsored
184Noah G1MActivity Learning cubeSponsored
185Aubrey J0FLight up toy/blankets/leap frog toySponsored
186Danny L6MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
187Joey L3MHotwheels set/Monster trucksSponsored
188Aurora M5FBarbie doll setSponsored
189Monserath M6FBarbie doll setSponsored
190Baby Boy Nadler1MLight up Ride on toySponsored
191Adrian P7MSuper Mario Brothers ToysSponsored
192Adrianna P7FLOL Dolls/Barbie SetSponsored
193Fernando P8MGamet Stop Gift Card/Target Gift CardSponsored
194Izabella P9FNail polish kit/purseSponsored
195Nevaeh P4FDisney Dress Up- Minie MouseSponsored
196Zeus P6MSonic Toys/Lego SetSponsored
197Aaliyah S1FLeap Frog Educational toySponsored
198Ryan A9MGame Stop Gift card/baclpackSponsored
199Nicholas A8MGame Stop Gift Card/BackpackSponsored
200Ivan F3MDinosaur SetSponsored
201Nalani F5FDisney Princess dolls-BelleSponsored
202Anthony H0MLeap Frog Light up toySponsored
203Samuel H13MGame Stop Gift Card/Wallet/ BeenieSponsored
204Victoria M7FBarbies/ Braclet making kitSponsored
205Princess M7FLOL Dolls/Jewelry making kitSponsored
206Liam N1MLeap Frog Educational toySponsored
207Faith P5FBarbie doll srtSponsored
208Lilliana P1FDevelopmental Activity cubeSponsored
209Ayden S9MGame stop gift card/Lego SetSponsored
210Ariana C8FLOL Dolls/Braclet making kitSponsored
211Jay C9MMovie Tickets/Arts and Craft SetSponsored
212Louie C5MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
213Memarie C10FMovie Tickets/Nail polish setSponsored
214Riley D7FBarbie setSponsored
215Erick E5MSuper Hero Remote ControlCarSponsored
216Maryespe E5FBarbie dollsSponsored
217Nickluis E7MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
218Ruby H2FBaby doll with strollerSponsored
219Alexia H14FBath & Body Works Set/ PurseSponsored
220Khalid H13MWallet/ BeenieSponsored
221Selena P5FArts and Craft SetSponsored
222Sophia P9FArts and Craft SetSponsored
223Jacob R15MMovie tickets/Axe Set/beenieSponsored
224Josie R12FMovie tickets/Nail Polish SetSponsored
225Ah'Niyah S11FMovieTickets/Nail polish kit/purseSponsored
226Aries T17MTarget Gift Card/ Axe gift set/walletSponsored
227Benjamin A4MSonic toys/Monster trucksSponsored
228Christopher D16MTarget Gift Card/Watch gift setSponsored
229Mark G16MTarget Gift Card/Watch gift setSponsored
230Azar'rion L5MSuper Hero Remote Control CarSponsored
231Tony-Zyairre L6MSuper Hero Remote control carSponsored
232Rebekah A11FMovie tickets/Braclet making kitSponsored
233Madonna P4FDisney Princess DressesSponsored
234Charleigh S7FLOL Dolls/Barbie SetSponsored
235Ezra S1MLeap Frog Educational toySponsored
236Jacob S6MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
237Kyle S8MAction figures/Sonic toySponsored
238Ezekial W3MDinosaur SetSponsored
239Jaeden A3MDinosaur SetSponsored
240Skylah F2FBaby doll with strollerSponsored
241Timothy L3MDinosaur SetSponsored
242Ace G4MRemote Conrol CarSponsored
243Arabella G7FDisney Princess dolls-CinderellaSponsored
244Christopher G15MMovie Tickets/Wallet/ BeenieSponsored
245Daniel G13MTarget Gift Card/Wallet/ BeenieSponsored
246King G2MLeap Frog Educational toySponsored
247Lucky G0MLight up toy/blankets/leap frog toySponsored
248Roman G5MSuper Mario Brothers ToysSponsored
249Maya H4FDisney Princess dolls-BelleSponsored
250Victor H3MSonic Toys/Monster trucksSponsored
251Brian L7MSuper Mario Brothers ToysSponsored
252Keyon L10MMovie TicketsSponsored
253Sebastian R4MDinosaur SetSponsored