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Mediasite Guide

What is Mediasite?

  • A capture solution that enables faculty, staff and students to create and share presentation videos
  • A distribution platform that allows users to house and manage both Mediasite-created and external video content
  • A student-centered video player that empowers students to focus on the content most important to them

Why might you use Mediasite?

  • To provide asynchronous curricular material
  • To create recordings that demonstrate best practices for clinical and other skills
  • To make live lecture content available for student review and exam prep
  • To store external video recordings in a platform that allows sharing and viewing permissions control
  • To automate the video recording and sharing of an event in a Mediasite-enabled classroom
  • To present video via a presentation link, a video collection link or embedded player content on webpage

What features enhance the viewer experience?

  • Variable playback rate
  • Ability to download content in audio or video format (in most cases, but options set by the content creator)
  • When content is presented in a video collection- searchability/sorting of presentations by title, description, date and presenter
  • Ability to swap and expand content window sizing
  • Viewability in mobile or desktop formats