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College of Dental Medicine second- and third-year students were allowed to use the Dental Sim Lab to get more practice using the manikin Tuesday, July 28, 2020. The lab was set up, so no students were working side-by-side. Students had to wear face masks, gloves, and had to have their temperature taken and fill out an online form to return to campus during COVID-19.
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About the College

Dental Medicine is Constantly Evolving

Our College innovates along with those changes to ensure our students experience the latest equipment, technologies, and techniques.

Our students come in with a level of dental medicine knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Through the course of our academic programs, their knowledge, skills, and professionalism are enhanced and refined as their confidence grows. Our faculty work side-by-side with students and patients to instill a humanistic approach to health care by putting each patient first.


Why Should you Join the CDM Family


Students on esplanade on Club Day

Student Clubs and Engagement

College of Dental Medicine students have the opportunity to join CDM-specific student clubs to advance professionally. CDM students can also participate in Shared Clubs that invite students from all Colleges. Some of the best lifelong friendships are formed within the College and with students from other Colleges. Learn more about our Student Clubs!

Our students are resilient, compassionate, open to new ideas and experiences, and committed to lifelong learning. Students are introduced to Professional Associations that offer dental professionals lifelong mentoring, support, and networking.

Students working with dental technology in SIM lab

Student Dental Simulation Laboratory

The simulation clinic/laboratory includes a large, unified simulation clinic space and a separate wet laboratory space not limited to work benchtop spaces, milling units, various dental wet lab equipment, and a 3D printer. The large simulation clinic space includes 80 ADEC simulation manikin units, 12 radiology stations with associated handheld Nomad X-ray acquisition units, and 8 CAD/CAM Planmeca scan and design stations, each set up on a mobile cart. This space also includes a state-of-the-art instructor area for live demonstration outfitted with a document camera and a Global surgical microscope with up to 19x magnifying power. In 2018, the technology in the Simulation Clinic was updated with 20 4K 50 in. monitors and new cameras, all integrated into the new multimedia center system, which has the potential of displaying 10 different multimedia sources to different teaching pods, depending on where activity is scheduled. The demonstration cameras were upgraded to a 4k Document camera and a dental microscope to magnify the smallest areas of a tooth. Both cameras are set up to record and stream video. The Sim clinic audio has been divided into 3 separate sections, allowing multiple activities to occur at once. Additionally, two Mobile demonstration carts have been recently added, each with a 42 in. display and document camera, allowing an object to be magnified and displayed to a large group of students for instant feedback in any location.
Dental student with dental mold

Give and Receive

Your support helps our students fulfill their dreams of becoming Doctors of Dental Medicine — your gift will help their vision become a reality. We are grateful for your partnership and ask that, with our students, you dream big dreams and stretch with us. Together, we can educate dental professionals with excellence, prepare them for the challenging work ahead, and serve as a model for academia and innovative patient care around the world — benefiting all of humankind.