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Competitive Class Stats

Competitive Candidate Profile

Although there is no formula to ensure admittance into MSMS, the program seeks students with the following attributes.

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We desire that each MSMS student:

  • Is prepared to succeed in our rigorous graduate program

  • Has a strong background in the sciences

  • Is culturally competent and able to enrich the program through their diverse life experiences

  • Is committed to and involved in community service and outreach

  • Has shadowed in the field their are seeking to practice

  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills

  • Is informed about their profession of choice and of WesternU

  • Has a passion to serve people who are economically, educationally, and/or medically underserved

  • Is able to integrate and disseminate information

  • Is caring and empathetic

The following statistics correspond to the class seated in 2023. For additional statistics, please visit the Office of Institutional Research’s Academic Outcomes webpage.

Application Counts
Number of Applications Received 142
Number of Interviews Granted 71
Number of Enrolled Students 34
Applicant Scores
Average Overall GPA 3.04
Average Matriculant MCAT 495.76
Average Matriculant DAT 17.42