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The sun sets along the Esplanade at WesternU framed by the HEC and the Daumier buildings. Photo taken

Administration & Staff

The College of Optometry administration focuses on inclusive teamwork at all levels to ensure our students are prepared to provide expert, inclusive, value-based care.

Academic Administration & Support Staff

Portrait of Ida Chung, OD, MSHE, FCOVD, FAAO


Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor

Portrait of Tiffenie Harris, OD, FAAO

Tiffenie Harris, OD, FAAO

Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, Associate Professor

Portrait of Angela P. Hegamin, Ph.D, MSPH

Angela P. Hegamin, Ph.D, MSPH

Assistant Dean of Academic Support

Portrait of Stephanie Amonoo-Monney, MPA, AALHE

Stephanie Amonoo-Monney, MPA, AALHE

Director of Program Assessment

Portrait of Tiffany Witherspoon

Tiffany Witherspoon

Director of Continuing Education and Communications

Portrait of Lori Rees, BS

Lori Rees, BS

Director of Operations

Portrait of Joanna Aceves

Joanna Aceves

Adminstrative Assistant III

Portrait of Kelee Pleticha-Visconti, BA

Kelee Pleticha-Visconti, BA

Assistant Director of Clinical Education Programs

Portrait of Kelly Russo, BA

Kelly Russo, BA

Manager of Academic Programs

Portrait of Andrea Nuno Quezada, MS

Andrea Nuno Quezada, MS

Director of Student Affairs

Portrait of Kiana Moreland, MS

Kiana Moreland, MS

Executive Assistant

Portrait of Audrey Vazquez

Audrey Vazquez

Administrative Assistant III

Portrait of Angie Chambers

Angie Chambers

Front Office Receptionist/Secretary

Portrait of Teresa Oseguera

Teresa Oseguera

Administrative Assistant III

Portrait of Sylvia Pedersen

Sylvia Pedersen

Administrative Associate I

Portrait of Yvonne Camacho

Yvonne Camacho

Administrative Assistant III

WesternU Seal - Default Image

Diva Zeckua Barajas

Communications Assistant

Patient Care Administration & Support Staff

Portrait of Raymond Maeda, OD, FAAO

Raymond Maeda, OD, FAAO

Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, Associate Professor

Portrait of Loretta Ng, OD, FAAO

Loretta Ng, OD, FAAO

Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs, Associate Professor

Portrait of Brittany Bryant

Brittany Bryant

Coordinator of Patient Care Services

Portrait of Myron Caracut

Myron Caracut

Optician/Optometric Assistant, ECI – LA Clinic

Portrait of Alma Castro

Alma Castro

Specialty Services Assistant

Portrait of Isela Flores

Isela Flores

Optometric Billing Specialist

Portrait of Marlene Gomez

Marlene Gomez

Coordinator of Affiliated Patient Care Services

WesternU Seal - Default Image

Warren Joe Ingalls

Assistive Technology Specialist for Eyecare Institute

Portrait of Zulma Medina

Zulma Medina

Eye Care Services Specialist

WesternU Seal - Default Image

Thomas Olzak

Resources Specialist for ECI

Portrait of Ruthie Perez

Ruthie Perez

Assistant Director of Clinical Finance and Billing

Portrait of Roxanne Stuckey

Roxanne Stuckey

Clinical Front Desk Receptionist/Cashier

Portrait of Laura Valencia

Laura Valencia

Front Desk Receptionist/Care Coordinator, ECI – LA Clinic

Portrait of Diego Zhao

Diego Zhao