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The Office of Admissions will assist you during the application process, so please feel free to introduce yourself to us and ask any questions you might have.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

For General Questions And Questions About Application Procedures, Prerequisites, Interview Questions, And Application Status: Please contact one of the individuals below.

Applicants with last name ‘A’ through ‘F’
Alberto Espejo
, Admissions Counselor
(909) 469-5540
Email Alberto

Applicants with last name ‘G’ through ‘L’
Marisela Avila
— Admissions Counselor II
(909) 706-3873
Email Marisela

Applicants with last name ‘M’ through ‘S’
Elaine Gonzalez — Admissions Counselor I
(909) 469-5337
Email Elaine

Applicants with last name ‘T’ through ‘Z’
Julie Smith — Admissions Counselor I
(909) 469-5442
Email Julie

For information about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Admissions at WesternU

Maya Smith-Kincaid
Assistant Director of DEI Recruitment
(909) 706-3531

Schedule a DEI Advising Appointment

WesternU Research and Biotechnology. More info and captions to come.

WesternU Admission Office

If you have questions, concerns or need advising, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.