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Scope of the Office

What We Do

As an institution of higher education, we continually stand at the crossroads of change. Emerging technologies, self-empowered learners, student indebtedness, medical social justice and the transforming healthcare environment are challenging us to think bigger and respond faster. How we work and what we do must directly align with our goals and desired outcomes. The integration of services between individual departments and units affords collaboration and efficiency.


text graphic: Office of the Provost - What We Do

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Who We Are

The Office of the Provost encompasses multiple departments and units within the University that support the academic experience and future success of our health care professionals. Together these teams ensure excellence across all colleges and campuses by providing a consortium of resources and expertise for WesternU faculty, staff, and students. As one of the most comprehensive health science universities in the nation, WesternU boasts a vast array of diverse health professions, cultures, and curricula. Each profession mandates unique compliance and accreditation standards which are overseen by experts in their respective fields and health care specialties. The leaders of these teams are integrated within the Office of the Provost and collaboratively provide services to the University at large.


text graphic: Office of the Provost Organization Chart

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