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Obtain/Replace Diploma

Information for Recent/Future Graduates

Processing Times

Diplomas are typically ordered within 5-10 business days of receipt of all graduation requirements. Your diploma will list your legal name as it appears in our system. The University does not retain a copy of your diploma.

When your degree has been awarded, you will be notified via your WesternU e-mail account. Graduates have the following options for diploma delivery:

  • Pick-Up
    Graduates may obtain their diploma from the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours. A photo ID will be required in order to obtain the diploma. Graduates may also authorize another individual to pick-up their diploma.
  • Mail (USPS)
    Graduates may also request to have their diploma mailed. Diplomas are sent via certified mail; therefore, a signature will be required upon delivery.

Diplomas not picked-up or mailed after 1 year will be destroyed. If the diploma has been destroyed, a replacement diploma can be ordered. Replacement of destroyed diplomas will take four to six weeks to receive and will bear the signatures of current University Officials.

Diploma Sizes

Diplomas for Master’s degrees and Post-Master’s certificates measure 11 x 14. Diplomas for Doctoral degrees measure 12 x 15.

University Honors

The University awards the following institutional honors:

  • Highest Honors
    Top 3% of graduating class AND a cumulative GPA of 3.75 (90.00%) or higher.
  • Honors
    Top 4-10% of graduating class AND a cumulative GPA of 3.75 (90.00%) or higher.

University Honors are noted on the diploma below the University Seal.

Certified Electronic Diplomas CeDiplomas

Western University of Health Sciences is proud to offer Certified Electronic Diplomas (CeDiplomas) to alumni who graduated in 2016 and forward. CeDiplomas are an official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of your WesternU diploma can be used to expedite your verification process for potential employers. For additional information on obtaining your CeDiploma, please visit our CeDiploma page.

Replacement Diplomas

WesternU graduates may request a replacement diploma if their original diploma was damaged or if their name has changed since graduation. To request a replacement diploma, please order a replacement through the Office of the Registrar CashNet site. Locate the Item ‘Diploma’ and select ‘view details’ to initiate the order. Please be sure to include a response in each field and review for accuracy prior to submitting your request. Replacement diplomas are $60 and typically take four to six weeks to receive; they will bear the signatures of current University Officials. If a rush order is required, there is an additional $40 rush order fee that must be submitted through a second, separate CashNet transaction. From Office of the Registrar CashNet site locate the item ‘Diploma Order Rush Fee’, select ‘view details’ and add the item to your cart. The total charge for a rushed official diploma is $100 and expedited processing time will be 2-3 weeks.