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WesternU / Registrar / Student Records and Registrar Forms / Update Your Personal Info

Update Your Personal Info

Updating your Personal Information

The Change of Personal Data Request Form is used to request change of name and/or change of address and telephone number. This form is available at the Office of the Registrar. Please include all of the following information:

  • Full legal name (include any former names used while attending)
  • Social Security number or student ID number
  • Program and year of graduation (if applicable)
  • Current address and daytime telephone number
  • Date of request
  • Requests must be signed by you. We cannot accept requests made by others on your behalf
  • Requests may be mailed or faxed
  • Your name and social security number must match those on your social security card.
  • Changing your Name

    The following additional information is needed for a change of name request:

    • Former name (last, first and middle name or initial)
    • New name (last, first and middle name or initial)
    • A copy of the legal documentation that supports the name change must accompany the request. Legal documentation can include the following: naturalization certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, driver’s license, social security card or passport.
    • Note: You will not be able to use your Federal Student Aid ID if the SSN, name, and date of birth provided on your FSA application do not match the information on file with the Social Security Administration.
  • Alumni Updates

    For Alumni who wish to update their name or employer information, Please use the Alumni Update request form

  • Changing your Address/Telephone Number

    To change your address and/or telephone number you will need log in to the Student Portal . Locate the “Student Registration” card and click the “Update Personal Info” link. Once you are redirected to the ‘Update Personal Information Menu,’ click the link “Update Address(es) and Phone(s)”. The following additional information is needed for change of address/telephone number requests:

    • The date the change should be effective
    • The mailing address/telephone type that is being changed (mailing, permanent or emergency contact)
    • The new complete address (street address, city, state and zip)
    • The new telephone number (including area code)
    • If the change is for emergency contact, list the contact name and the relationship to student (e.g., mother, spouse)
    • If you are an international student, please indicate this on your request
    • Notify all financial aid loan servicers of new address
  • Additional Information

    • All University departments will have access to the updated information through the Banner SCT Student Database System.
    • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) allows Western University of Health Sciences to release certain directory information about students without written consent. This information includes, in part, name and address/telephone information. To view more information about FERPA, please visit our Student Privacy Rights page.