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WesternU / Bursar / CASHNet / Login & Payment Instructions

Login & Payment Instructions

Please follow these instructions for making a payment to your student account:


  1. Login to Self-Service using your student ID and PIN
  2. Click on Student Services Menu
  3. Select View/Pay Student Account
  4. Select Pay
  5. Select Checkout
  6. Select your preferred method of payment (electronic check or foreign currency)

Authorized Users

  1. The student must first add you as an authorized user. Please see the CASHNet FAQs for details on adding an authorized user.
  2. Login to CASHNet using your parent PIN and password
  3. Select Pay
  4. Select Checkout
  5. Select your preferred method of payment (electronic check or foreign currency)

Paying with ACH (e-check)

  1. Select Pay with Electronic Check
  2. Type in your bank account and routing numbers within their respective fields
  3. Select an account type (checking or savings)
  4. Provide the account holders first and last name
  5. Provide an email address to ensure delivery of a receipt. There is an optional field in which you can name and save your payment method for future use (if you do not wish you save your payment method, skip this step)
  6. Select Continue Checkout
  1. Review the following page for accuracy (Please note: Incorrect routing or bank account numbers will result in a returned check, and a $20 fee)
  2. Select Submit Payment
  3. On the following page, you will be alerted whether your transaction was approved

A receipt will be emailed to the address provided, and you will also have the option to obtain a printable receipt

Paying with Foreign Currency (International Wire Transfer)

  1. Select Pay with Foreign Currency
  2. Choose your country and currency

Please see the Foreign Currency list of available currencies. (If your home currency isn’t offered, you can pay in another currency, such as the U.S. dollar.)

  1. Select Continue Checkout
  2. On the next page, confirm your payment details, and select submit
  3. Print important payment instructions needed to initiate transfer of funds (you also have the option here to print a receipt for your records). Please verify that your pop-up blocker is disabled to ensure that you will receive the additional instructions.

*** Please note: Your payment will be considered pending until your bank has transferred the appropriate funds

  1. Process your payment locally- complete your payment at your bank or with online banking using the printed instructions.

NOTE: The exchange rate you have been quoted is only valid for 72 hours.