Facilities & Physical Plant

Architecture and Construction


University Construction Program

WesternU dedicates importance to providing a supportive environment for our faculty and students by investing on campus builds according to our Campus Master Plan. Along with routine maintenance, our facility teams also support varied construction projects ranging from small renovation to to large capital projects.


Visiting Contractor/Vendor Information

If you are a vendor or contractor that will be providing services for the University, Click the link below to be redirected to our contractor information page that will include campus regulations, Covid safety procedures & other useful information.

Contractor Information Page

Safety First

For everyone’s safety, access to some of these areas may be restricted during construction periods. We employ construction safety best practices and health safety protocols. If you need access to an area affected by construction, please contact us for help to coordinate time & day availability.


For Construction related project assistance, contact Facilities – Construction Management at: svega@westernu.edu

For Physical Plant Maintenance repairs & upgrade questions, contact Facilities – Physical Plant at: facilities@westernu.edu



For questions or clarifications on this page, please reach out to Steve Vega, Construction Project Manager.