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The College of Health Sciences Held its Wgite Coate Ceremony Friday, Aug. 5, 2022 at the Bonita Center for the Arts. PT, PA amd MSMS students took part in the annual tradition.

Competitive Class Stats

WesternU’s PA Program has been approved to matriculate a cohort for Fall 2024 from our accreditor, ARC-PA, while we remain on Accreditation-Probation status, which will be reviewed by ARC-PA in March 2025. Please review this important information to ensure you understand how this may impact you as an applicant.

Competitive Candidate Profile

Although there is no formula to ensure admittance to the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS) program, it is in your best interest to demonstrate to the admissions committee whichever of the following key attributes you possess.

Students in white coats seated in an auditorium

We desire that each MSPAS Professional student:

  • Welcome a collaborative approach to health professions education
  • Embrace the ideals of health care
  • Commit to becoming excellent, caring and compassionate health-care professionals
  • Strive to engage in new and innovative educational approaches
  • Take an active role in your educational experiences
  • Welcome cross-disciplinary studies and other progressive health care topics
  • Understand and appreciate collaborative team processes
  • Participate in community-based education and/or service learning projects
  • Display integrity, compassion and respect
  • Embrace moral principles
  • Aspire for life-long learning
  • Demonstrate a preparedness to understand the MSPAS curriculum
  • Articulate the Physician Assistant profession

The following statistics for the class entering August 2022 will give you a sense of where you might fall within the applicant pool. For additional statistics, please visit the Office of Institutional Research’s Academic Outcomes webpage

Application Counts
Number of Applications Received 2,029
Number of Interviews Granted 360
Number of Students Enrolled 98
Applicant Scores
Average Overall GPA 3.65
Average Prerequisite GPA 3.72
Average Science GPA 3.62