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WesternU’s PA Program has been approved to matriculate a cohort for Fall 2024 from our accreditor, ARC-PA, while we remain on Accreditation-Probation status, which will be reviewed by ARC-PA in March 2025. Please review this important information to ensure you understand how this may impact you as an applicant.

Examine The Curriculum

The success of WesternU’s MSPAS curriculum is demonstrated by the national board passing rates earned by our graduates taking the exam for the first time. We attribute the success of our students to their hard work and our faculty’s commitment to teaching and learning.

PAs work closely with physicians and our two-year full-time program emphasizes the role of the PA as a member of the health care team.

The WesternU MSPAS Curriculum…

  • reinforces that you are a member of the profession from day one and emphasizes self-directed learning.
  • uses clinical exercises, mock and standardized patients, and case presentations to prepare you for entry into patient care.
  • offers extensive clinical experience in community-based settings such as private practices, community clinics and hospitals.
  • emphasizes compassionate care, treating patients as individuals first.

Course Listings

For more detail regarding the curriculum, please review the course descriptions in our CHS MSPAS program catalog (PDF).

  • First Year Courses

    56.5 units are required for first year courses, and 45.5 units for second year, totaling 102 units for the program.

    Phase I, First Year, Fall Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    IPE 5000 Patient Centered Cases I 1.00
    PA 5005 Medical Terminology 1.00
    PA 5010 Structure & Function I 3.00
    PA 5020 Clinical Skills I 1.50
    PA 5030 Physical Assessment I 2.50
    PA 5040 Health Promotion/Disease Prevention I 2.50
    PA 5050 Introduction to Adult Medicine 3.50
    PA 5060 Pharmacology and Therapeutics I 2.50
    PA 5100 Pediatrics I 1.50
    PA 5170 Pathophysiology I 1.50
    Semester Total: 20.50


    Phase I, First Year, Spring Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    IPE 5100 Patient Centered Cases II 1.00
    PA 5011 Structure & Function II 3.00
    PA 5021 Clinical Skills II 2.50
    PA 5031 Physical Assessment II 2.50
    PA 5041 Health Promotion/Disease Prevention II 1.50
    PA 5051 Introduction to Adult Medicine II 3.50
    PA 5061 Pharmacology and Therapeutics II 2.50
    PA 5070A Psychosocial Dynamics 0.00
    PA 5101 Pediatrics II 1.50
    PA 5110A OB/GYN 0.00
    PA 5171 Pathophysiology II 1.50
    HSCI 5206 Research Methods II 2.50
    Semester Total: 22.00


    Phase I, First Year, Summer Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    PA 5070B Psychosocial Dynamics 2.50
    PA 5110B OB/GYN 2.50
    PA 5120 Geriatrics 2.50
    PA 5130 Emergency Medicine 2.50
    PA 5140 Professional Roles & Responsibilities 1.50
    PA 5160 Health Care Delivery System 1.50
    PA 5180 Introduction to Clinical Education 1.00
    Semester Total: 14.00
    First Year Total: 56.50
  • Second Year Courses

    56.5 units are required for first year courses, and 45.5 units for second year, totaling 102 units for the program.

    Phase II, Second Year, Fall Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    PA 6020 Senior Seminar I 2.50
    ### Clinical Rotations (4 rotations) 14.00
    PA 6970 Applied Clinical Project I 1.00
    Semester Total: 17.50


    Phase II, Second Year, Spring Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    PA 6030 Senior Seminar II 2.50
    ### Clinical Rotations (3 rotations) 10.50
    PA 6980 Applied Clinical Project II 1.00
    Semester Total: 14.00


    Phase III, Second Year, Summer Semester
    Course Title Credit Hours
    PA 6040 Senior Seminar III 1.50
    ### Clinical Rotations (2 rotations) 7.00
    PA 6990 Applied Clinical Project III 4.00
    Semester Total: 12.50
    Second Year Total: 44.00
    Program Total: 100.50


    Please see the Clinical Experiences page for more information about rotations.

  • westernu health

    Primary Care Clinical Experience

    Extensive Primary Care Clinical Experience Produces Graduates Who Are Fully Prepared To Meet Career Demands.

      You will…
    • be able to integrate classroom and clinical learning.

    • gain experience in collaborating with other healthcare professionals.

    • grow comfortable with providing comprehensive care to culturally diverse and disadvantaged patients.

  • Academic Support

    Caring about students and providing assistance so that they can achieve is a hallmark of our faculty. They are respected practitioners and scholars who keep pace with the latest teaching techniques and technology and are committed to helping you master the material.

    The Office of Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Office (LEAD) is another resource for on-campus and distance students. LEAD helps students connect academic success with wellbeing. In individual counseling sessions, students learn time management, test taking, and studying strategies. LEAD facilitates training in managing stress, increasing focus, and professional skills. Also, LEAD offers a 5-week program for incoming students, Summer Preparedness and Readiness Course (SPaRC).

  • Interprofessional Education
    Learning Along Side Students In Other Health Professions

    WesternU’s interprofessional curriculum provides a forum for you to collaborate and learn from students in other University health-care programs. This curriculum provides an opportunity for early networking with other health professionals and ultimately prepares you to better serve your patients through interprofessional collaboration and referrals.

  • Outstanding Facilities

    Western University of Health Sciences is a thriving academic health center spread out over 22 acres in Pomona, CA. As an MSPA student you would primarily utilize Lecture Halls East, West and the PA Clinical Skills Lab in the Health Sciences Center as well as the Clinical Skills Lab in the Health Professions Center.

    You will also make use of the Harriet K. and Philip Pumerantz Library, a four-story 35,000-square-foot building renovated in 2021. The library features open and private study space, a food nook equipped with a refrigerator, microwaves, coffee station, a wellness room perfect for a study break, lockers, and more. The library has an extensive collection of print books and journals. Access to the library’s electronic books, journals and databases are available both on and off campus through the Library’s E-Resources page.

    Join us for an information session where you can tour the facilities, chat with our students, and learn more about WesternU and our Physician Assistant Program.