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WesternU / Office of Human Resources / Resources for Faculty and Staff

Resources for Faculty and Staff

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WesternU Handbooks

The following handbooks are provided in PDF format and must be read using Adobe’s Acrobat ReaderTM. To download a free copy, visit our Plug-ins page.

In addition to the Employee Handbook, the University has supplemented the Handbook with separate stand-alone policies and procedures which may govern and/or supersede the language in the Handbook. The University is currently updating the Employee Handbook to consolidate all policies and procedures. In the interim, please contact Human Resources for guidance on the most current/applicable policy at Current University policies and procedures can be found below.

The University’s policies on promotion and tenure are outlined in the Faculty Handbook on pages 27 – 29 and five supplemental documents

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  • Employee Discounts

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    Employee Discounts

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    Faculty & Staff TRAINING

    WesternU supports organizational development and employee excellence. The University invests in personnel by expanding professional development opportunities. This is achieved by offering a range of personal and professional development opportunities for employees tailored to specific roles and pathways for career advancement. Professional development and training is offered by internal faculty & staff (e.g. Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, Information Technology, Office of Title IX & Equal Opportunity, Staff Council) and external third-parties.

    Administration, faculty and staff may be required to complete specific training requirements as a condition of employment to ensure compliance with federal, state, or local regulatory requirements, as well as university policy and procedures. There may be additional specialized training by the employee’s operating unit (e.g. college or department) that employees are expected to complete.