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CPM Honors Day

Faculty & Staff

The College of Podiatric Medicine Administration, Faculty & Staff

The College of Podiatric Medicine Faculty and Staff are a diverse group of caring and dedicated individuals committed to ensuring our student’s personal and professional goals are met and to help guide them to academic success.

CPM Honors Day

Meet Our Faculty & Staff

CPM faculty & staff care about your student life, your well-being, and educational success. At WesternU you will learn the foundation to elevating the lives of your patients. Together we will elevate the field of podiatric medicine. It begins with elevating the lives of our students through positive experiences in Student Life, Your Well-Being, and Educational Support.


Portrait of Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM

Lawrence B. Harkless, DPM

College Podiatric Medicine

Founding Dean Emeritus
Professor of Podiatric Medicine, Surgery & Biomechanics Emeritus

Portrait of Lester J. Jones, DPM, MS Ed

Lester J. Jones, DPM, MS Ed

College of Podiatric Medicine

Professor of Podiatric Medicine, Biomechanics & Surgery Emeritus