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Student Life

Getting their foot in the door…

Students are at the center of what we do. You can find our students researching new practices of podiatric medicine, volunteering in the community, leading others, and bettering themselves. Here is a glimpse of their life as a Podiatric Medical student at WesternU.

Student Doctors of the Month October 2023

Each month the Student Government Association for the respective DPM cohorts asks their classmates to nominate a colleague for Student of the Month. The students select their classmates with reasoning as to why that individual embodies those characteristics. The criteria for winning Student of the Month must correlate with the demonstration of humanism, diligence, and optimism.
A woman in a floral dress smiling for the camera.
Nyanika Arora, DPM 2026

“Nyanika works hard to bring the class together. She is very inclusive and thoughtful of all her classmates. She truly helps people when they are feeling down and is a true gem in our cohort.”

A woman in a hijab smiling for the camera.
Heba Hasan, DPM 2027

“Heba is a kind woman that is constantly working hard and inspiring others!”

An indian woman smiling for the camera.
Sofia Rassaei, DPM 2026

“Sofia is first and foremost a kind, thoughtful, and brilliant person! She is a truly underrated hidden leader that inspires positivity and motivation for everyone around her!”

Clubs and Organizations

Explore an array of opportunities outside the classroom through student organizations and leadership roles. Whether students drawn to national associations or unique special interest clubs, our diverse options let them connect with peers who share their passions. Joining executive boards, engaging with the Student Government Association, or representing renowned societies to develop vital skills and advocate for causes they are passionate about is only the beginning of what students get involved in. Discover more by clicking the link below.
A group of Podiatric Medicine students examining a table.

Learning Communities

WesternU College of Podiatric Medicine has a learning community structure to build collaborative relationships between students and faculty. Our four communities include students in all four years of schooling as well as faculty mentors to facilitate connection among all levels of learning. The learning communities are focused on cultivating a healthy sense of competition and camaraderie while also sharing knowledge and experience throughout the educational journey.

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CPM Student Affairs is happy to answer any questions you may have.