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WesternU Online

WesternU Online supports innovative, challenging, engaging instruction and practice through the use of video, multimedia, and gamified learning treatments. Whether provided within a fully online program, a component of a hybrid or campus-based program, or designed for continuing education, our goal is to connect with students. We aim to deliver online learning solutions that capture students’ interests, motivate them to participate, deepen their understanding, enhance their skills, and make learning an enjoyable experience.

For a highlight of WesternU Online, below are images from course treatments created in partnership with the College of Podiatric Medicine (CPM). These include coursework in the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine program, the DPM Advanced Standing program, board review preparation, and continuing education.

  • Image of an inactive slideshow on diabetes mellitus Narrated, interactive slideshow lecture on diabetes mellitus
  • Image from an ebook explaining bone healing A page from an ebook on “Bone Healing.”
  • Image of a slide from a video-based lecture on lower extremity anatomy Video-based lecture on lower extremity anatomy
  • Image of a slide explaining the surgical instruction on the screw insertion technique from College of Podiatry Animated surgical instruction on the screw insertion technique
  • Image of a podiatrist Interview video from a continuing education course on diabetes.
  • Gamification In Online Learning

    Learning can be instructive, engaging, and enjoyable all at the same time. Gamification treatments apply some of the common features of online game play into instruction and applying what students have learned. Read about some recent examples.
    This image shows a male patient sitting on the exam table and the doctor is sitting in front of him.
    Virtual Doctor’s Office

    The VDO is a virtual patient simulation platform built in partnership with the College of Podiatric Medicine. Students, playing the character of the doctor, learn their patient’s history, conduct physical exams, order labs and imaging, and ultimately make diagnoses and order treatments. They then receive a detailed analysis related to their treatment decisions and faculty can truly assess a student’s clinical decision making.

    This image shows steps taken, 1-10, to complete the MAT course.
    Medication Assisted Treatment Course

    This continuing education course uses a learning map to present the story of a character, Mat, who seeks to overcome his opioid addiction. Within each chapter of Mat’s story, students learn about opioid addiction and medication assisted treatment through videos and interactive instruction.

    This image shows a young female patient in the dentist chair with her dad and dentist beside her.
    Prescribing Controlled Substances Course

    This continuing education course, built in collaboration with the College of Dental Medicine and the California Dental Association, presents multiple characters receiving treatment, each with a different opioid-related concern involving pain management and addiction. Students learn by watching animations, videos, and interactively progressing through a day at a dental practice.

    Educational Technology Is Changing Education of Health Professions

    Jonathan Daitch, M.Ed., Associate Provost for Online Education, and Jonathan Labovitz, DPM, FACFAS, CHCQM, Dean, College of Podiatric Medicine, author article for Education Technology Insights magazine.