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Animal Care Conference

Academic Program

WesternU CVM students and graduates are independent life-long learners. Our students and graduates are aware of what they know and what they can do well, and perhaps more importantly they are aware of what they still need to learn in order to provide the highest quality care.

Science and health care will continue to evolve and change over the coming decades and we strive to graduate learners who actively self-assess their own learning needs throughout their careers and who proactively work to keep their knowledge and skills current with science and literature. To achieve these goals we embrace the principles and practices of problem-based learning, where learners work in small groups to identify their knowledge gaps, and identify ways to make their learning meaningful, relevant, and long-term.

A woman holding two baby goats.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Instruction and clinical opportunities are provided in a wide variety of domestic species, including food animal, equine, and companion animals. The College sustains a vibrant, diverse faculty by encouraging advancement through personal and professional development and research, creating an academic community of competent, caring, ethical professionals, where cooperative learning, public service, and scholarship can flourish.
VetMed student learning laprascopic techniques during training

Laparoscopy Training

The 2-hour long lab includes a discussion and Q & A session, demonstration of laparoscopic equipment and instruments and tasks. Students will perform laparoscopic tasks with different laparoscopic simulators. This lab is unique and will give WesternU-CVM graduates the advantage of exposure to and basic skills in the Minimal Invasive technique.
Pet Health Center Staff Portraits

Dual Degree Opportunity

We have partnered with the University of Minnesota to offer this dual degree in DVM through WesternU and a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree through the University of Minnesota. This predominantly online dual degree program allows students to combine their veterinary studies with a MPH, providing the credentials to work at the interface of human wellness and animal health. The degree is designed so you can earn your MPH degree in the same four years as your DVM degree. Learn more about this exciting opportunity.
Students Enrolled For Academic Year
GRADUATION RATE (5-year average)
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