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ADP Workforce Now

WesternU utilizes the ADP Workforce Now ® (WFN) payroll system, online portal, and mobile app to provide consistency throughout the University and increase functionality and process efficiencies needed to support our employees in today’s dynamic workplace. The WFN online portal and mobile app provide a one-stop site where:

  • Non-exempt employees clock in and out daily, which ensures accurate real-time data without the need for intervention.
  • All employees submit vacation requests and sick time entry into a fully electronic and automated routing system, eliminating the need for paper timecard and paper time-off requests and manual approvals.
  • All employees have instant access to time clock, time-off balances, direct deposit information, pay statements, W-2’s, etc

ADP Login


  • How do I log into ADP?

    You can log into ADP Workforce Now software by downloading and installing the ADP application or through the online portal on a computer or device: Please use your WesternU credentials.

  • Is WesternU requiring any sort of location services or geo-fencing to clock in or out through the ADP application?

    At this time, there are a few individual departments that are requiring to be within a certain parameter of an address on campus in order to clock in or out. However, in the future, geo-fencing could be an option for the university or within additional colleges or departments.

  • What if an employee chooses not to download the ADP application on their phone?

    It is not required to install an application on a personal device. There is an online ADP portal that can be accessed using the employee’s WesternU credentials.

  • Do I need to be logged into the WesternU network (VPN) in order to access my timecard or submit a vacation request?

    No, can be accessed from any device that has online access.

  • I clock in and out frequently because of my work schedule, is there a limit to the number of “punches” I can log in a day?

    No, there is not a limit on the number of time entries in a day.

  • Will an hourly employee be able to adjust their clock in or out time entry?

    Employees will need to email their supervisor and cc if a clock in or out entry was missed or was incorrect.

  • How will I record my sick time?

    When you return to work, please input your sick time on your timecard in WFN or via the app. All employees have the ability to record sick, bereavement and jury duty time away from work.

  • Can a supervisor have a backup approver for time off requests and/or biweekly timecard approvals?

    Yes, the payroll department and users within each department or college can help identify and setup appropriate backup approvers.

  • How can I view my wage statement, make changes to my direct deposit information, or make updates to my state and/or federal withholdings?

    All of the changes indicated above can be made both in the ADP app or online through the ADP portal:

  • Do I need to update my bank account information to receive my pay electronically?

    If you are already setup for direct deposit, you do not need to make any changes. However, if you’d like to update your bank account information on file or if you’d prefer to enroll in electronic payroll payments, please visit the ADP app or online portal and click “Myself” -> “Pay” –> “Direct Deposit” under the Additional Benefits header.