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WesternU / University Financial Services & Treasury / Office of Budget Administration

Office of Budget Administration

Our Mission

The Office of Budget Administration’s mission is to ensure WesternU’s financial resources are utilized to their optimal level in alignment with the approved fiscal budget and to facilitate the analysis, planning, reporting, and budgeting of those resources.

Services that are provided include:

  • Planning, management, and monitoring of the University’s budget.
  • Feasibility studies on proposed financial projects, and the utilization of financial resources.
  • Collaborates with the College/Departments on the planning of all financial resources. Assuring all financial resources are in line with the WesternU mission, accreditation, compliance, and College’s/Department’s strategic plans.
  • Preparation of ad hoc reports for the Chief Financial Officer and Executive management.
  • Development of trend analysis and Budget projections.
  • Assistance to academic and support departments in the development of department budgets.
  • Develops and prepares policies and procedures related to the management of University resources.
  • Reviewing and processing of budget transfers.


  1. Q: Can we change the transaction date for a budget transfer?
    A: The transaction date automatically defaults to the date the budget transfer request is entered. Therefore, it should not be changed. The only exception is at fiscal year-end, which the transaction date should be backdated to 06/30/XX.
  2. Q: Why is a budget transfer with a miscellaneous account disapproved?
    A: Any expense incurred should be coded to a relevant account. Therefore, miscellaneous account (70850) should not be expensed at all. If there is any expense coded to this account, it should be reclassified to a more relevant account. If there are difficulties in identifying the proper account for an expense, please contact the Accounting Department.
  3. Q: What should be noted under the description field for a budget transfer?
    A: Reference the items or services to be expensed. Some examples may be; Telephone new hire’s, Printer Replacement, Student Retreat, and Additional Office Supplies, etc.


Portrait of Katherine T. Jimenez, Ed.D, MBA

Katherine T. Jimenez, Ed.D, MBA

Associate Vice President for Finance and Budget Administration

(909) 469-5490

Portrait of Patrick W. Mendoza

Patrick W. Mendoza

Assistant Director for Finance and Budget Administration

(909) 469-5499

Portrait of Alan Cho

Alan Cho

Portrait of Monique Cano

Monique Cano

Portrait of Stephanie Contreras-Vizcarra

Stephanie Contreras-Vizcarra

For general inquiries contact