Office of Information Technology

IT Security, Risk & Compliance Subcommittee

IT Security, Risk & Compliance Subcommittee

The primary role of the IT Security, Risk & Compliance Subcommittee is to provide oversight and direction for the effective, efficient, integrated, and innovative use of administrative and operational technologies at the institution. The committee will develop and maintain a strategic vision and plan for the advancement of administrative and operational technologies at WesternU from an institutional, rather than unit perspective. The committee will be client-driven, with IT playing an advisory and supportive role.

Typical responsibilities of the IT Security, Risk & Compliance Subcommittee will include assessing current and evaluating proposed IT security measures, providing strategic IT security project portfolio prioritization and resource allocation recommendations, responding to and investigating IT infrastructure and/or data breaches, identifying gaps, deficiencies, and risks in IT security infrastructure and processes, forming and overseeing ongoing and ad-hoc work-teams to address specific issues, and reviewing and developing relevant metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), policies and procedures.

The IT Security, Risk & Compliance Subcommittee will be composed of representatives from each of the support units involved in IT-related security, risk, and compliance at the institution.


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Simone Miller, JD

Senior University Counsel


IT Staff

Portrait of Jason Todd

Jason Todd

Information Security Officer


Portrait of NeeCee Cornish, MBA

NeeCee Cornish, MBA

Senior Director of Enterprise Applications & Databases


Portrait of Gary Priddy

Gary Priddy

Director of IT Infrastructure



Portrait of Chique Magsino

Chique Magsino

Director of Risk Management


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Trena Rich, RN, PHN, MSN, APRN

Executive Director of University Compliance


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Ivan Noe, MBA

University Registrar

FERPA Representative (as needed)



Portrait of Chris Crow

Chris Crow

Assistant Treasurer

GLBA Representative (as needed)


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Cindy Hines

Assistant Director for FA Compliance

Financial Aid Representative (as needed)


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Cynthia Ferrini, PhD

Executive Director, Human Resources

HIPPA Representative (as needed)


Portrait of Nic Hayes

Nic Hayes

Client Tech Analyst Lead/Project Manager

Lebanon Representative (as needed)


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Noe Gonzalez

Director of Institutional Research Lab Services

Research Representative (as needed)


Portrait of Rob Warren, DO

Rob Warren, DO

Executive Director for PCC/Chief of Clinical Integration

WesternU Health Representative