Office of Information Technology

Educational Technologies Subcommittee

Educational Technologies Subcommittee

The primary role of the Educational Technologies Subcommittee is to provide oversight and direction for the effective, efficient, integrated, and innovative use of educational technologies at the institution. The committee will develop and maintain a strategic vision and plan for the advancement of educational technologies at WesternU from an institutional, rather than unit perspective. The committee will be client-driven, with IT playing an advisory and supportive role.

Typical responsibilities of the Educational Technologies Subcommittee will include assessing current and evaluating proposed educational technologies, providing strategic project portfolio prioritization and resource allocation recommendations, reviewing the institutional educational application portfolio to identify duplicative functionality and system consolidation opportunities, identifying gaps and deficiencies in classroom and instructional infrastructure, forming and overseeing ongoing and ad-hoc work-teams to address specific issues, and reviewing and developing relevant metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), policies and procedures.

The Educational Technologies Subcommittee will be composed of representatives from each of the colleges and major instructional support areas of the institution, as well as representatives from various faculty committees as part of the shared governance process.


Portrait of Tim Wood, DHSc, PA-C

Tim Wood, DHSc, PA-C

Associate VP for the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning


IT Staff

Portrait of Denise WIlcox, EdD

Denise WIlcox, EdD

Senior Director of IT Business Processes & Customer Experience


Portrait of Nic Hayes

Nic Hayes

COMP-Northwest Technology Lead



Portrait of Ed Barnes, MD

Ed Barnes, MD

Assistant Dean, Academic Innovation

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Representative


Portrait of Ed Junkins, MD, MPH

Ed Junkins, MD, MPH

Associate Dean, Assessment & Outcomes

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific - Northwest Representative


Portrait of Steve Snyder

Steve Snyder

Assistant Professor/Community Coordinator

College of Health Sciences Representative


Portrait of Eunice Chung, PharmD

Eunice Chung, PharmD

Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs

College of Pharmacy Representative


Portrait of Matt Durkin, EdD

Matt Durkin, EdD

Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

College of Graduate Nursing Representative


Portrait of Emmanuel Griffon

Emmanuel Griffon

Technology Project Manager

College of Veterinary Medicine Representative


Portrait of Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Coordinator, Dental Informatics

College of Dental Medicine Representative


Portrait of Angela P. Hegamin, PhD, MSPH

Angela P. Hegamin, PhD, MSPH

Assistant Dean of Academic Support, College of Optometry

College of Optometry Representative


Portrait of Jonathan Labovitz, DPM

Jonathan Labovitz, DPM

Assistant Dean, Clinical Education

College of Podiatric Representative


Portrait of Leslie Hayes

Leslie Hayes

Administrative Associate II

Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences Representative



Portrait of Edward K. Goering, DO, DVM, MSHPE

Edward K. Goering, DO, DVM, MSHPE

Assistant Professor of NMM/OMM

Academic Senate Representative


Portrait of Elizabeth Rega, PhD

Elizabeth Rega, PhD

Associate Provost for Academic Development

Academic Development Representative


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Academic Support Services & Planning Committee Representative


Portrait of Sandra Rainwater-Lawler, MA

Sandra Rainwater-Lawler, MA

Associate Director

Center for Disability and Health Policy Representative


Portrait of Miary Andriamiarisoa

Miary Andriamiarisoa

Executive Director

Center for Innovation Representative


WesternU Seal - Default Image

Jonathan Daitch

Associate VP

Online Learning Representative


Portrait of Jennifer Cassidy, MLIS

Jennifer Cassidy, MLIS

Associate Director of Information Services

Pumerantz Library Representative


Portrait of Josh Cameron, PhD, FAAO

Josh Cameron, PhD, FAAO

Associate Professor

University Curriculum Committee Representative