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Please note that many of our programs have made exceptions to the application process and admissions requirements due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Additionally, references to in-person campus visits, events, lab work, or classroom interactions should be read in light of current campus health and safety guidelines, which continue to evolve in response to changing conditions. More information can be found on WesternU’s COVID-19 Information page.  Please contact us if you have any questions or need further information.

  • Admissions

    Question 1: What are your admission requirements?
    Please visit our view requirements web page for complete details.

    Question 2: Is the DAT required?
    The Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores are required as part of your application file. An official score report must be received before your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee for review. Your DAT must be taken no later than December 1, of the year of application. DAT scores are valid for up to three years. DAT scores are valid for three years (based on the start of the application cycle). For the 2022 entering class, test dates prior to May 11, 2018 are NOT acceptable.

    Question 3: Are you accepting DAT scores?
    All DAT scores should be reported through AADSAS.

    Question 4: Will you accept Canadian DAT scores?
    No, we do not accept Canadian DAT scores at this time.

    Question 5: How many students will you be accepting?
    We anticipate seating a class of 69-74 students.

    Question 6: When will applications become available?
    WesternU’s College of Dental Medicine participates in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Applications for the 2023 entering class will be available for submission June 1, 2022 via the ADEA website. Supplemental applications will be available on our website around the same time. Both applications and DAT scores are required to complete your application file. Application deadline is December 1. Applicants are urged to apply and complete their application files as early as possible. WesternU subscribes to the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) recommendation that dental schools notify applicants of provisional or final acceptance on or after December 1 of the academic year prior to the academic year of matriculation. For more information, please visit our apply now page.

    Question 7: Do you have a limit on community college hours?
    No. We do not limit the number of community college credit hours you can take.

    Question 8: Can I speak with a counselor about my application?
    Feel free to contact us after reviewing the site with any additional questions you might have.

    Question 9: What recommendation letters do you require?
    We prefer a letter from a Pre-Health Professions Committee. If a Committee letter is not available, three individual letters are required. Two must be from college-level science professors. The third can be from another college professor or a dentist with whom you have shadowed or for whom you have worked.

    Question 10: Will I receive an email invitation to complete the secondary application?
    No, all applicants are required to complete the secondary application in order to be considered for an interview.

    Question 11: Will you accept prerequisite courses completed at a community college?
    Yes, we will but it is recommended that the majority of your prerequisites be completed at the university level.

    Question 12: If I do not see my college listed in the prerequisite database, does that mean you do not accept courses from that institution?
    No, it is likely that courses just haven’t been added from that institution. If are unsure a course is acceptable, feel free to email your Admissions Counselor to check on it.

    Question 13: Do you provide updates via AADSAS?
    Due to the volume of applications, we only periodically update statuses in AADSAS. You can always view your most current admissions status by logging into your WesternU Application Status page.

    Question 14: Does AADSAS include Math courses in the Overall Science GPA?
    Yes, all undergraduate, graduate, and cumulative courses identified on your transcript as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Other Science is used in computing this GPA.

  • Online Application

    Question 1: How do I check my application status online?
    You can check your application status by visiting the application status page.

    Question 2: What if I want to change information on my application after I have completed it?
    You may not change answers or documents submitted with your application, but you may upload additional, supplemental materials. To do so, visit the application status page and use the “Upload Materials” section of the page to submit your supplemental materials.

    Question 3: What if I want to apply to more than one program? Do I need to create a new account?
    You can apply to multiple programs using a single account. Visit our online application, log in, and click “Start New Application” at the bottom of the page.

    Question 4: What address should I use if I need to mail any additional application materials?
    For official transcripts please mail to:
    Western University of Health Sciences
    Attn: Admissions Operations/program you are applying for (MSMS, MSNE, etc.)
    309 E Second Street
    Pomona, CA 91766

    For unofficial documents, please upload to the online application as indicated in the application instructions.

    Question 5: How do I pay my application fee?
    All application fees require payments made by credit card. Only cards with Visa and Master Card logos will be accepted. No checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted for payment of application fees.

    Question 6: What if I do not have a Visa or Master Card?
    Payment may be made with a Visa or Master Card prepaid gift card which can be purchased at many major chain stores or online. Please be aware that the gift card must contain a balance sufficient to cover the application fee in one full payment.

    Question 7: Are fee waivers accepted?
    Yes, fee waivers are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Before you submit the secondary application payment, please email to request a fee waiver. Please include your full legal name, the program you are applying to, your application reference number, and your AADSAS fee-waiver approval in your email. If you have already submitted the secondary application payment, please email with the above information to request a fee refund.

    Question 8: How do I withdraw my application?
    You may withdraw your application by visiting the application status page. Scroll to the bottom of your application and select withdraw my application.

    Question 9: How do I delete an application I accidentally started?
    Applicants cannot delete their own application once started. Please submit a request to Admissions Operations at to have it deleted.

    Question 10: I have applied to more than one program. How do I check my application status for multiple applications?
    You can check your application status by visiting the application status page. Select the application you wish to view from the drop down menu located on the right hand side.

  • Other

    Question 1: Can you provide me with some information about the accreditation process?
    Please visit our accreditation page for more information.

    Question 2: Where can I find more information about the curriculum?
    For detailed information, visit our examine the curriculum page.

    Question 3: Do you offer a program for Foreign Trained Dentists?
    Yes, we now offer an international dentist program. You can learn more about the program and requirements at Doctor of Dental Medicine-International (DMD) welcome page.

    Question 4: Does the College of Dental Medicine include a hygienist program?
    No, at this time, we do not have a dental hygienist program.

    Question 5: Your College of Dental Medicine will be offering a DMD degree. What is the difference between DDS and DMD degrees?
    According to the American Dental Association: The DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degrees are equivalent.

    Question 6: Does WesternU offer on-campus housing?
    WesternU does not offer on-campus housing however there are a number of apartment and housing options nearby. Most of our students live within 15-20 minutes of campus. Visit the housing website once you’re admitted to post available housing or to indicate you’re looking for a place to live – students from all eight of our colleges utilize this site, so there are numerous opportunities available.

    Question 7: What are the hours for your library?
    You can find the library hours on our website along with additional information about the library and learning resource center.

    Question 8: Are laptops be required?
    Yes, laptops are required. We suggest that you do not purchase a new laptop until you have been accepted into our program. At that time, we will provide you with recommended specifications. If you purchase your laptop after June 1 of the year of matriculation, you may be able to include the cost in your financial aid package.

    Question 9: Can I visit your campus?
    While we would love to have you on campus, we are not currently offering in person tours.  If you are interested, please take a virtual tour of our campus.

    Question 10How long is your program?
    The Doctor of Dental Medicine program can be completed in 4 years.

    Question 11: How much are your tuition and fees for the dental program?
    Visit the tuition/scholarships page for tuition information as well as scholarship and loan recommendations.