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Clinical preceptors impact the world, change lives. Being a preceptor is more than clinical training. As a mentor and evaluator, you help shape the future generation of health care professionals by providing personal and professional guidance and direction. You help future physicians define character and culture.

These stories from preceptors, faculty and students, share a common theme: the focus on inclusive teamwork to assure students are prepared to provide expert, inclusive, value-based care, a nurturing and supportive environment, and developing professional relationships between preceptor and student that last a lifetime.

golden apple award recipient and office staff

Golden Apple Award Dr. Ashley St. Germain

Dr. Ashley St. Germain was awarded the WesternU COMP-Northwest Clinical Education Golden Apple award. Dr. St. Germain is an OB/Gyn physician with Samaritan Health Service’s Lebanon Health Center and is a valued preceptor for COMP-Northwest clinical students’ education. A clinical student commented that Dr. St. Germain is “One of the most kind and willing to teach preceptors, she taught me how to be a good doctor.” The Clinical Education Team commends Dr. St. Germain for being always willing to go out of her way to teach students on clinical rotations. She and her team enjoy having students with them, it’s a wonderful environment for learning.

The Golden Apple award is bestowed in recognition of excellence in teaching. In 2023, Dr. Jenna Collins received the WesternU COMP-Northwest Pre Clinical Golden Apple Award and Dr. Ashley St. Germain received the Clinical Golden Apple award.
Three people standing in front of a desk holding a trophy.

Contributions to Osteopathic Medicine Award Dr. William Koenig

It was WesternU COMP-Northwest’s honor to present Dr. William Koenig with the 2023 Contributions to Osteopathic Medicine Award. The celebration was held in Dr. Koenig’s clinic with all of his staff and colleagues present, many sharing memories from over the years. The award is in recognition of Dr. Koenig’s decades of teaching medical students during clinical rotations. His impact on the patients of 100’s of future physicians is exponential. We are very thankful for Dr. Koenig’s generosity, expertise, and dedication to osteopathic medicine.

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