WesternU Alumni reunion 2019 is approaching fast!

We would like to see you back on Campus this Saturday, Sept 28. 2019. Starting at 3:30 in CVM Atrium.

DVM CLASS 2019 ALUMNI ARE BACK IN TOWN, and we are still inviting 2014 alumni to join us as well!!!!

The event is starting at 3:30 PM with free Wine and Cheese reception sponsored by Dean Nelson, where you may have a pleasure to meet and greet,  and re-connect with some of our shining stars out there in the practice from the Classes DVM 2009 and DVM 2014!

If you would like to join the WU Alumni reunion dinner at 6:00 pm, tickets may be purchased through https://www.westernu.edu/AlumniReunion/

The Wine and Cheese reception is hosted by SGA, and there will be raffle prizes and a silent auction for fun/fundraiser for the current students!

The CVM faculty, deans and staff are happy to see you again.


Yours truly, Dr. T (FARTForce chair).











Greetings from the Chair of the Faculty-Alumni Relations Committee

Dr. Suzana Tkalcic portrait with a WesternU purple shirt on black background.

Dr. T!

Dear WesternU CVM alumni,

This is yours truly Dr T! I was put in charge to re-connect with all of you out there working hard in your veterinary careers and becoming ambassadors of our program. As we handed out DVM diploma to our 1,000th CVM graduate in 2017, and in planning your return to the Campus in September 2018 for classes  2008 and 2013, we would like to invite you all to look at the WesternU Alumni web page and join our efforts to make your visit memorable and worthwhile the effort, especially for all of you coming from different corners of the North America and even the world. In that effort, I invite you to assist us with the following:

  1. Update your contact e-mails  and let us know/update us of your personal and professional achievements
  2. Let us know how we can contribute to your LIFE-LONG LEARNING EXPERIENCES, since I am trying to organize a useful CE experience for all of you coming back to Campus in the morning of the planned WesternU reunion (Sept 15). Which topics are you interested in?
  3. Which 3-4 activities on WesternU Campus  would most appeal to you? (the campus open house and general interest presentations? Library updates? Research /scholarship updates? Center for innovation? )

Please feel free to drop me a line to my e-mail: stkalcic@westernu.edu. You can also find more info and ways to re-connect with WesternU on our alumni web site: https://alumnifriends.westernu.edu/

Thank you for entrusting your education to WesternU CVM and becoming members of the WesternU Alumni family.  

You make us all proud and we miss you!

Dr. Tkalcic