IFMSA Exchange: “The IFMSA exchange offered by AMSA is a great way to utilize clinical skills and learn medical practice in a foreign country. IFMSA offers clinical exchanges to over 110 countries allowing students to gain a unique learning experience far from home. Exchanges are usually one month in length and take place during the summer after student’s first year at WesternU. These exchanges involve shadowing doctors at foreign hospitals in a variety of departments, networking with students from AMSA organizations at their exchange sites, travelling on weekends. Overall, this is an amazing academic and culture experience.” -Ross Candelore D.O 2018

Spain Exchange: “The Spanish International Rotation offered by AMSA is a unique opportunity for five medical students at COMP to complete a month long rotation in Santander, Spain in July. Santander, located on the northern coast of Spain, is home to Valdecilla de Marquez, a complex of hospitals, research centers, and a medical school that serves the surrounding community. Here, Western students have the option of rotating in a specialty of their choosing, including Pediatrics, OB/GYN, GI, and Cardiovascular Surgery. They can, and often do, move to different specialties as the program progresses. The five students will share an apartment located a few blocks from the northern hospital, provided free of cost by Valdecilla, and are provided one meal a day by the hospital. Hospital shifts are typically full-time, but are flexible, and often provide ample time to spend the afternoons and nights enjoying the dining and activities town. Most students use the weekends to travel to other countries in Europe, spend the long summer day at Santander’s beaches, or even partake in Santander’s city-wide festival at the end of July. Overall a great way spend the summer between first and second year, the Spanish International Rotation offer’s a perfect combination of medical experience and travel for interested students.” -Alex Carlin D.O. 2017