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Database URL: http://proxy.westernu.edu/login?url=https://www.psychiatryonline.org/ 

Description: PsychiatryOnline offers online access to psychiatric textbooks, journals, and professional development tools. It features DSM-5 and The American Journal of Psychiatry.

Access: Western University of Health Sciences authorized users only. Remote access via the proxy server available for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of WesternU.

License Information:

Authorized Users

Current members of the faculty and other staff of the Licensee (whether on a permanent, temporary, contract or visiting bases) employed at the Licensee’s Premises; (II) Individuals who are enrolled at the Licensee’s Academic Institution located on the Licensee’s premises who are permitted to access the secure network from within the library premises or from such other places where authorized users work or study (including but not limited to authorized users offices and homes, halls of residence and student dormitories) and who have been issued a password or other authentication from the Licensee; and (III) Other persons who access the secure network from computer terminals within the library premises and are permitted to use the library premises. 5. (a) Except as specifically provided elsewhere in the agreement, the licensee is prohibited from making agreements for access to PsychiatryOnline content with individuals, organizations, vendors, affiliates, or partners who are not Authorized Users.

Authorized Use

Permitted to reproduce or disseminate PsychiatryOnline content only within the parameters of applicable copyright law. (b) Downloading, printing, or saving single pages of PsychiatryOnline content for the purposes of research, preservation of content, teaching, and/or private study by authorized users is permissible.

Interlibrary Loan

Redistribution of PsychiatryOnline content to non-authorized users by direct electronic transmission is prohibited without prior approval from APA. It is understood and agreed that neither the licensee nor authorized users may provide, by electronic means, to a user at another library outside of the licensee’s secure networks, a copy of any part of the licensed materials for research or private study or otherwise.


Permission to reprint or copy PsychiatryOnline content beyond that allowed by section 107 or 108 of the U.S. Copyright Law, licenses must be obtained from APP’s permissions department.

Privacy Policy:

APA provides contact information for its members and other customers who wish to receive informational newsletter offerings to third-party vendors who transmit APA materials on APA’s behalf.  APA also share limited personal information with other nonprofit organizations and government agencies for the purpose of complying with requirements related to its educations offerings and other accreditation services it offers to APA members and customers.

Full policy: https://psychiatryonline.org/privacypolicy