College of Pharmacy

Admissions Information

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

As a four year program, our PharmD graduates have the unique opportunity to promote safe and effective drug therapy and improve health care outcomes for the communities and populations they serve. Graduates find rewarding careers practicing pharmacy in communities, institutional, or corporate settings. APPLY NOW!

International Post Baccalaureate PharmD (IPBP) Program

The IPBP Program is a three year program open to both American or foreign trained pharmacists who possess a bachelor’s degree and are looking for advanced standing in our PharmD program. Applicants are admitted into the second year of our traditional PharmD curriculum thereby by-passing the first-year entirely. The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree awarded to the students in the international program is the same as those awarded to our students in the traditional PharmD program. APPLY NOW!

Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSPS)

In our two year program, MSPS students have hands-on learning in interdisciplinary research in neuro-pharmacology, physiology, pharmaceutics and drug delivery, pharmacokinetics, genetics, environmental toxicology, and molecular immunology. Graduates find vocations in public and private research institutions, academia, or the pharmaceutical industry. APPLY NOW!