Chinese Delegation of veterinarians and scientists visit the CVM at WesternU 


On November 1, 2012, Dr. Henry Yoo (local veterinarian and friend of the College) hosted a visit by a delegation of Chinese veterinarians and scientists. Dr. Yoo describes the delegation as the top 16 people making veterinary medical decisions for China. They were visiting WesternU CVM seeking contacts and knowledge for their future expansion in veterinary education. We are pleased WesternU CVM had an opportunity to share our CVM program and to begin a global relationship with the Chinese delegation. Following a greeting by Dean Nelson, Associate Dean Waldhalm moderated the day’s program. Curriculum Directors, Dr. Gordon-Ross, Dr. Ron Terra presented “Our curriculum and philosophy as related to the training of veterinary students in their disease prevention/control and reporting. Private practice and US Government interaction.” Dr. James Reynolds, Dr. Txema Peralta reviewed, “Issues of humane animal care in the US.” Drs. Helen Engelke, Peggy Schmidt, and Malika Kachani spoke on “Veterinary roles in Public Health and the education/certification strategy and experiences.” Dr. McClure reviewed, “Disease surveillance, Legislative framework & Outbreak response.” Associate Dean Morishita led a Q&A session regarding curriculum. WesternU CVM’s own faculty Dr. Yiling Hong and Dr. Jijun Hao provided Chinese translation.