Dr. Dominique Griffon book cover

In January 2016, Dr. Dominique Griffon, DMV, MS, PhD, DECVS, DACVS, Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine, published a nearly 1,000 page-long textbook, Complications in Small Animal Surgery (Wiley, 2016; 978-0-470-95962-6). The purpose of this book is to provide students and surgeons of all levels an up-to-date resource for diagnosing, managing and preventing complications related to small animal surgery. Its format is designed to enhance ease of use and appeal to readers, with well-illustrated case-based practical guides and scientific summaries of recent literature. This extensive work comprises 123 chapters, covering complications related to soft-tissue, neurologic and orthopedic procedures in dogs and cats. The book is co-edited by Dr Hamaide, DVM, PhD, DECVS, Associate Professor in Surgical Oncology at the University of Liege, Belgium and involves more than 70 authors.