In their final year, students are scheduled individually into 8 different rotations of four weeks duration. Two of these rotations, medicine and surgery, are assigned by the Director of Fourth Year Clinical Curriculum. The remaining six rotations are selective rotations in that they are selected by the student in collaboration with a faculty advisor and approved by the Committee on Clinical Instruction. Students are encouraged to choose these selective rotations with the goal of further exploring or focusing their career aspirations. Their choices of rotations are not limited by geography; they may select applied veterinary settings (clinical practice, laboratory, consultant, governmental, etc.) locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Students in the fourth year can also elect to complete up to 8 weeks of Independent Study which allows them to schedule clinical rotations in other disciplines for one or two weeks duration.


Time Commitments

Scheduled Time:


  • Selective rotations:
    • Contact time: 40-60 hr/wk (or more, on occasion)
      • rounds
      • outpatients
      • inpatients
      • business meetings
      • record maintenance
    • Non-contact time: 20 hr/wk
      • Library/computer/case research
      • Learning objectives
      • Reading


Self-directed, individual study time:


  • Approximately 10-20 hr/week



4th Year Disciplines

For their assigned CORE Internal Medicine rotation, the students have the option to request CORE Small Animal Internal Medicine, CORE Equine Internal Medicine or CORE Food Animal Production Medicine. For their assigned CORE Surgery rotation the students have the option to request CORE Small Animal Surgery or CORE Equine Surgery. Their remaining 6 selective rotations can be selected from this list of disciplines:


7510 CORE Internal Medicine
7515 CORE Food Animal Production Medicine
7520 CORE Surgery
7530 Alternative Medicine
7531 Anatomic Pathology
7532 Ancillary Diagnostics in Medicine and Pathology Rotation
7533 Anesthesia
7534 Aquatic Medicine
7535 Avian Practice
7536 Beef Cattle Practice
7537 Behavior
7538 Camelid Practice
7539 Canine Practice
7540 Cardiology
7541 Dairy Practice
7542 Dentistry
7543 Dermatology
7544 Emergency Medicine & Critical Care
7545 Epidemiology
7546 Equine Practice
7547 Exotics Practice
7548 Feline Practice
7549 Food Animal Practice

7550 General Practice
7551 Internal Medicine
7552 Global Health
7553 Lab Animal Medicine
7554 Neurology
7555 Nutrition
7556 Oncology
7537 Ophthalmology
7558 Poultry Medicine
7559 Public Health
7560 Public Policy
7561 Radiation Oncology
7562 Radiology
7563 Regulatory Medicine
7564 Research
7565 Rural Practice
7566 Shelter Medicine
7567 Sports Performance
7568 Small Ruminant Practice
7569 Surgery
7570 Swine Practice
7571 Theriogenology
7572 Toxicology
7573 Wildlife Medicine
7574 Zoological Medicine