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WesternU / Admissions

WesternU Admissions

With a Human Approach to health care education, we help students become leading medical professionals – capable of providing exceptional care to patients and their communities.

8 Distinct Colleges 26 Academic Programs

Overview of the
WesternU Admission Process

Apply to admissions. Each college – and in some cases each program – has its own application. See details below.
If your application is accepted, it will then be reviewed by the College.
Then, there’s a possibility you may be interviewed.
The final step, with or without an interview, is an acceptance letter.

Each College — and some programs — have unique applications.

Most of our academic programs have distinctive admission processes. Find your program below, and we’ll show you details on how to apply.

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Funding Your Education

Financing your graduate program is just as important as finding the right one. As you explore your options, we’re here to answer questions and give you the help you need to be fully confident about moving forward.

We’re Here to Help

If thinking about your future has been filling you with questions – you’re not alone. Our experienced team can help get you the information you need to commit to a future of healing.

Explore the California Campus

Explore the Oregon Campus

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2024-2025 Viewbook

To Teach, To Heal, Together

Our Mission is to produce, in a humanistic tradition, health care professionals and biomedical knowledge that will enhance and extend the quality of life in our communities.

The viewbook provides you a glimpse into WesternU academic excellence, community clinics and programs, our colleges and programs, testimonies from our alumni and students, and gives a snapshot of the diversity of our urban California location and the beautiful diverse aesthetics of our rural Oregon campuses.
Academic Programs that impact communities and public health
Enrolled Future Health Care Professionals
Distinct Colleges
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