PubMed’s Linkout Service

Linkout Basics

PubMed’s LinkOut service allows patrons of participating libraries to see which articles they can obtain electronically in full-text or through Western University’s print collection.

Western University’s full-text icon will display on abstracts that the library has electronic access to WesternU Full-Text.

Western University’s print collection icon will display on abstracts that the library has print availability to WesternU Print Collection.

NOTE: Full-text articles are only available on computers connected to Western University’s network. Also, not all articles available electronically or in print are represented with the full-text or print collection icons due to publisher restrictions and database coverage.

Searching PubMed for Full-text Articles and Articles we have in Print

Enter the following query in PubMed to limit your search to those citations for which Western University Library has established links:

Subject you wish to search AND loprovwestulib [Filter] OR free full text [sb]

Simply cut and paste this query into the PubMed search box, replace the phrase “Subject you wish to search” with your own subject and click GO.

WesternU’s full-text icon or print collection icon will appear on the Citation display.